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The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 1

The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 1

Posted June 24th, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land


Ok Hi. If you somehow missed my first whole book, which consisted of 21 chapters including the acknowledgements, here is a great catch up slackers if you have read the first I apologize for this tedious process. Now don’t make me repeat myself. Hi my name is Rose. When I was five I found a magical land where it turns out I come from a powerful family. I call this universe the Parallel Planes. Later at age 11 I found Hogwarts if I need to explain what Hogwarts is I won’t be doing it go to your local library and read Harry Potter. Now let’s introduce my friends 1 st Delphi I don’t know her last name “ How come she’s first” my other friends Lily Evans from when I accidentally time traveled ,keep up guys, and Gregory Whisp shout. I explain “ because I was going to be alphabetical” “ oh sorry ” comes the reply Anyway I think that is just about it and now excuse me as I go sort out my three arguing friends. Why oh why can’t they get along?

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