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The Adventures of Rose 2 Part 4

The Adventures of Rose 2 Part 4

Posted July 16th, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in Florida


“Rose” Lavender shouted again. “Ok, I’m coming I’m coming” I shouted back and quickly hurried down stairs again. So let me explain something I technically have my own castle, relax it is super small, my castle is connected to all my relatives’ castles. since my mom’s lavender’s, and Azalea’s castle are all on the good side of the barrier actually there are two “barriers’ there is a force field around the good kingdom and another around the bad kingdom. Where the two fore fields meet is called the barrier. Someone can only pass through from one side to the other with express permission from someone in the royal family from the other side. Of course, I’m the exception I don’t need anyone’s permission As I was saying since my mom’s lavender’s, and Azalea’s castle are all on one side of the barrier (good) and my dad’s, Emerald's, and Ruby’s are all on the other (bad) they are only interconnected to each other and their sisters in my case, my castle is connected to all of their castles. They are connected in a way that it all seems to be one enormous castle. There are almost invisible portals all around the castle. Only the castles owner knows where they are and that too instinctively, as the portals keep moving around. “Rose Diamond you get yourself down here this minute or “I heard emeralds voice call “ok I’m coming” I interrupted her. When I finally got into her castle her bedroom well, I’ll spare you. Let’s put it this way as soon as I stepped foot inside, she screamed at me for completely ignoring her the last few calls. Better pay attention bye.

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