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The Adventures of Rose; Mixup: Chapter Five

The Adventures of Rose; Mixup: Chapter Five

Posted December 17th, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land


I feel like going to the parallel 


The Double Lands

Black = Dad

White highlighted Black = mom

Pink or Dark Blue  = Me Red = Ruby

Yellow = Azalea

Green = Emerald

Purple = Lavender 

Obsidian Shade (Thorn) - Dad when he was younger

Lotus - Mom when she was younger

Black highlighted any color = Other character (name will be mentioned)

I should probably explain my dad’s names weirdness, so his parents named him obsidian middle name Shade but, according to him, she didn’t like it and changed his name to Thorn. I think he did it to impress my mom. All good royalty are born with floral names.


This isn’t up for discussion she is 13 she has to go at least for a while

You can’t force Rose to go


She isn’t evil

It is tradition and anyway you’re moms sending her to Miss Marigolds class for good


What !



Dad says you're sending rose to magic school

We are, both of us to our traditional classes

But rose is different

*Clears throat* um hey no clue what is going on but it clearly concerns me so, care to explain….. Anyone

Explain What

We’re sending Rose to Miss Misery’s …

Wait is that her real name or 

No it’s what the students call her because

She makes our lives miserable

10 homework assignments daily

Only one 5 minute break

Terrible punishments

You can’t be 1 second late

Okay i get the idea

Her real name is miss elizabeth but no one calls her that


The point is, you shouldn’t have to go. No one should have to go but

Everyone has to go it’s tradition

How about we just try it out for a week it can’t possibly be that bad

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