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The Adventures of Rose; Mixup: Chapter Four

The Adventures of Rose; Mixup: Chapter Four

Posted December 10th, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land

Okay i think we are far enough in that i can introduce to you all to a few new friends, who i do not know yet.


A long while later


Ok i can’t think of anyone so here is what we shall do.

I shall open up the poll/ form again and post the link and you all can decide which ever gets most votes wins


Till then maybe I'll tell you the real story of Sleeping Beauty. It really irritates me that few others know it even though there are, as far as i know, four books and two movies on it. If you know the story already please let me know and if you want you can skip this chapter completely up to you. And yes I am stalling.


Ok here we go


The true story of sleeping beauty

Once upon a time there were two kingdoms that were the worst of neighbors. One was a kingdom of people like you and me , humans. The other was full of magical creatures called the fair people. The kingdoms were bitter enemies and it was said that only a great hero or a terrible villain could bring them together. In an old tree in the moors lived one such creature, you might take her for a girl

Yes i am copying the narrator from the movie

But she was no ordinary girl, she was a faire, and her name was Maleficent.

Cue the dramatic music and maleficent jumps off a cliff flying over the moors

So on this particular day Maleficent found out there was a human in the moors, being curious she goes to the falls where the human is said to be spotted, there she takes the stone he stole and throws it back into the moors. She learns his name is Stefan

Yeah you know Aurora’s Father for those of you who might need a refresher

They become good friends, and Stefan leaves to work in the palace. Maleficent grows up, she fights the king off telling him he will never have the moors. The king on his deathbed declares whoever kills Maleficent will become king.

Ok at this point i must issue a warning if you are under 9 and thus still pretty innocent keep it that way skip this chapter, have your parents read it and let them tell you the story in a way that will not i don’t know the word let's stick with scare you. Okay 

Stefan wants to be king so he goes back to the moors where he cuts off Maleficent's wings. Maleficent feeling betrayed goes into a rage outside the moors. When outside she finds a raven trapped under a net she turns him into a human saving him from farmers. In exchange Dival, the raven, flies around collecting news and bringing it back to Maleficent in the moors. A few years later Maleficent discovers that Stefan and queen Lelia had a daughter Aurora. She curses baby Aurora. To protect his daughter he sends her with some pixies into the woods. The pixies are careless. Dival starts flying to Aurora and checking on her. One day Maleficent follows him and they both look after Aurora. 

Sorry i’m going so fast but this story is 1 book/ 2 hour movie long. I’m trying to sum it up the best I can.

Years later when Aurora is 15 Maleficent brings her into the moors. She loves it there. Maleficent has now grown to love Aurora but she is unable to break the curse. 1 day before Aurora turns 16 she discovers Maleficent cursed her, she also realizes her “Fairy Godmother” is Maleficent. She gets mad and rides off on a horse to the castle. She pricks her finger. She falls into a sleep like death. The pixies find out Aurora had met Philip (the prince) in the woods once. They get him to kiss her. It doesn’t work, because at the time it wasn't a “True love kiss”. Everyone's leaves. Maleficent, having followed Aurora, goes over to sleeping Aurora and gives a long heartfelt apology. At the end she kisses Aurora on the forehead. Aurora wakes up

Here I must conclude Divial is the only one to realize and say “no truer love” Maleficent and Aurora by that time had a Mother - Daughter relationship. So you know Moral of the story for kids. A mothers Love is the strongest of all.

After that a bunch of other stuff happens and in the end Aurora becomes Queen of the Moors and of her fathers kingdom.

Everyone lives Happily Ever After




Please note this whole story is property of Disney i just summed it up because i felt it should be shared.


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Magically, Rose

Posted by Rose on Fri, 12/10/2021 - 07:10

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