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The Adventures of Rose: Mixup; Chapter Fourteen

The Adventures of Rose: Mixup; Chapter Fourteen

Posted February 18th, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land






Professor Snape

Professor Umbridge (grrr)


Professor McGonagall

James Potter

Remus Lupin

Sirius Black

Others will be mentioned


*running* No no no no no no no (please don’t let me be right)

(i have no clue what i think I’M doing but)

*continues running and almost bumps into someone* sorry

*grabs hand* woah slow down 

What..*breathe hard*....how…WHERE WERE YOU…..*takes in messed up uniform and hair*.. What happened, why do you look so.. 

Ok calm down i just went for a walk

WHERE i searched the entire school (well one exception but…)

Oh yeah i was wandering a little you must have just missed me

Uh huh  (you know i don’t even care anymore) ok then

Now why were you looking for me

*upset again* Well lets see i noticed you weren’t in the practice yard like normal or you dormitory and MAYBE it’s POssible i was a little worried. Do you even seem a LITTLE sorry. NO. So I'm just going to LEAVE.

 Wait, rose

*walking away* no never mind

*still angry* *nearly bumps into professor snape*

Ah Rose i was looking for you we have some unexpected, guests

Look after the classes will you their in the great hall

Yes professor (uuuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhh i hope they behave)

In the great hall


I tried to keep them calm but

Oh no i know that’s a near impossible task , now shall we get things in order

*proffesor mc gonagall walks in with hermione, ron and harry*

*notices* (Great just great) 

*clears throat* EVERYONE BE QUIET

Student 1: Why should we

Maybe i didn’t make myself clear *whispers in threatening manner* get. to. work. Now.

Student 1: yes ma’am

Well done rose i think that’s the quickest any class has cleaned up

Thank you ma’am 

*james and the others burst in*

Excuse me…this…i just can’t

*turns to lily* deal with this for me will you


Potter don’t give my friend a hard time, get in your seat

Ah lily i didn’t see you there

(rolls eyes mentally) woah k deal with you reunion after class, to your seat please

*whisper* you sure he ever grew up

As hard to believe as it may be yes

Uh huh

*Harry just watching the whole procession speechlessly*

I should probably explain huh

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