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The Adventures of Rose, Mixup: Chapter one

The Adventures of Rose, Mixup: Chapter one

Posted November 19th, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land



I really Haven’t decided on the code for Hogwarts yet. 

Anyway, let's do this again. Devoted readers reading since Book 1 i apologize. People starting series mid-way you better have a good reason

Hi. My name is Rose Diamond. Technically Diamond is my other name but no one calls me that so it’s my last name. I am 13 years old. When I was 5 I discovered a magical land, the Parallel Planes. I also discovered I have a lot of other cool powers, time travel within fantasy, interdimensional travel, ect. Later at age 11 I joined Hogwarts schools for Wizardry and Witchcraft. At age 12 I became a PA there. I have a lot of friends in the Parallel Planes. The few we met so far are mentioned in the “CODE” Which is kind all you need to know about them. Am I missing anything? 

Devoted readers,

Since you won’t be completely lost now i think i’ll just start with not staying in one place the whole book. Don’t worry, I'll include a code for the new places. Okay let’s start at Hogwarts, Dolores Umbridge is back so i’m substituting. This should be interesting. Oh and I got a Uniform






Professor Snape

Professor Umbridge (grrr)

Professor McGonagall

Others will be mentioned

***********************************************Hogwarts: Main Hall***************************************

Will you all please be QUIET

Hem Hem. *in her way too sweet voice* Do you need some help dear

*Whisper* Ok i have no clue who she is but i hate her already

*Whisper*Relax everyone thinks that she is ANNNNNOYYING

i dragged that out by purpose

*Trying so bad not to be rude* No professor, Thank You 

*Shout* SHUT IT

Dead silence

Thank you i would very much like not losing my voice today

So you said you’re 13 right

Yes professor

Don’t you think you’re a tee bit too young to be leading the class

I do my best

Yes i’m sure you do dear


You’re sure i can’t knock her out Rose i can be very sneaky

Yes, i’m sure Delphi i’m quite sure (oh i soo want to say she can)


Dear are you quite sure the children should be doing spells right away

I do what’s in our Syllabus Ma’am and they’ve done the theoretical for 2 weeks now

Yes that isn’t very long now is it


How and WHY in the whole wide world did hermione let her stay in the ministry 


I shall spare you my mental whining


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