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The Adventures of Rose: Mixup; Chapter Thirteen

The Adventures of Rose: Mixup; Chapter Thirteen

Posted February 11th, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land





Professor Snape

Professor Umbridge (grrr)


Professor McGonagall

James Potter

Remus Lupin

Sirius Black

Others will be mentioned


A while later

Anyway i have quidditch now so bye

What is it with him and quidditch 

Why would i know

Yeah lets go

Actually i have to study, i have a test  so

Oh ok, good luck

(maybe i’ll go find delphi she couldn’t possibly be studying)

A while of searching later

Hey rose what’s wrong

I have searched almost every room in this castle and i still can't find delphi

Eh she’ll show up eventually

That's not the point of greggory when i say i have checked every room i mean it i even checked the room of requirements, she isn’t there. I also checked the courtyard, The shrieking shack, and every secret passage in and out of the castle. All of them are either blocked or heavily guarded with no signs of leniency or a way in. So yeah 

Ok where is the last place you would look for her

^very promptly^The library or a classroom

Check there i hate to say it but she may be avoiding you, though i really don’t see why you care

For the last time she just do happens to be my friend so yeah i’m worried thanks anyway

After checking every classroom and the library

Ok that does it full out panic time

Precisely why would you panic

I can’t seem to find delphi anywhere and icheck every room in the castle, every place outside the castle and the library so either she broke the barrier around the school and put it back again i don’t see a way she could just disappear

^Hissing sounds are heard off scene and there is a sense of danger in the air^

Either i’m having a breakdown or

Nope i feel like there a chill in the air so whatever it is you aren’t having a break down

My instinct says to run to the dormitories hide and bolt the door

I just suddenly thought of something i sincerely hope i’m wrong but

^Hissing sounds are heard off scene and there is a sense of danger in the air^

Oh i SO hope i’m wrong




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