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The Adventures of Rose; Mixup: Chapter Three

The Adventures of Rose; Mixup: Chapter Three

Posted December 3rd, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land



Younger Sophie - Telepath, enhancer, inflictor hasn’t manifested other powers yet

Older Sophie - Telepath, inflictor, enhancer, polyglot, teleporter 

Bronte - Inflictor

Oralie - Empath

Keefe - empath

Younger Keefe (he’s really persistent so i brought him two) - empath

Dex - Technopath

Biana - vanisher

Fitz - Telepath

Younger Brant - Pyrokinetics

Fintan - Pyrokinetics (fire)

Younger fintan (don’t ask) - pyrokinetics

All Children 

Amy - Sophie's younger sister - human - no powers

Other character (names will be specified)


7 councillors: raise hand

Well i suppose in that case it is settled, this seems to be a successful 

Ok boring talk i’m just gonna tune out


We shall be leaving now

(yes please) well it was nice having you (please leave)


Now i think you all deserve sweets



Oh no

I don’t have any so we’re gonna make some



Amy - find ingredients : eggs, flour, chocolate, more chocolate, caramel.

Would 10 family size chocolates be too much

I should say yes but, no that's fine


Now by powers because this is still school

Pyrokinetics and Psionipaths - work on a stove like something

Hydrokinetics - damage control with those guys (Wow so many complains)

Rest of you find me a giant bowl and a big mixing spoon

We made Good Job Cookies


The kids enjoyed it 

THey got second and third and stuff but the adults got none so that may have factored in


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I would just like to inform

I would just like to inform everyone that the poll is still open you will find link in previous chapter comments
To the form and the poll

Posted by Rose on Tue, 12/07/2021 - 00:22

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