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The Adventures of Rose: Mixup; Chapter Twenty

The Adventures of Rose: Mixup; Chapter Twenty

Posted April 1st, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land

Final Battle





Professor Snape

Professor Umbridge (grrr)


Professor McGonagall

James Potter

Ravenclaw student 

Remus Lupin


Sirius Black

Harry Potter



Head girls/boys: On it

Others will be mentioned


It worked

Um can i be 15 again now please

Huh oh right

*turns 15* Thank you



I want to try something

*glares for awhile* *sighh* ok

*turns older* um how old am i

Hm i think… around 20, 25

I thought you said you couldn’t tun someone older

I said unless i knew how they looked i HAVE watched all the Harry Potter movies

YEs all the times Lily is on screen i end up crying

But also Yes i know how she looks


Can i please be 15 again now this is very weird

Eh probably safer anyway

*turns 15* what do you mean safer

Um well you weren’t 20 or whatever age for more than a few months so we don’t know…. anyway better safe than sorry


I have another idea

No it does not involve you turning into a different age 

Who is the one person most reasonable kids are afraid of



Oh their family

Well yeah their mom 

So what is this brilliant idea of yours

Well i can bring people forward in time, and if i know how they looked i can turn someone body and mind younger

Wait, I think I know where you’re going with this. You want to turn my dad…Younger ?

Yeah im not too happy about that part but as it just so happens your grandmother is a very decent person so if i bring her here turn your dad 15 then well, we get to watch  a very amusing scene

I probably shouldn’t, but i want to see that

Well then it’s final 

Still think this is a bad idea

Eh could be worse

Yeah .maybe


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