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The Adventures of Rose; Mixup: Chapter Two

The Adventures of Rose; Mixup: Chapter Two

Posted November 26th, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land



Dear, don’t you have any assignments to do

No ma’am i finished my curriculum 

Don’t the teachers have anything else for you to do

Yes ma’am i help them, by substituting

Yes, but you are only 13

Okay that does it. I am soooooo tired of “Professor” Umbridge. Let's go someplace without annoying teachers with fake honey sweet voices. 


Well i do have a magic class with my sister’s today i guess i could take you along


****************************************Parallel Planes***************************************************



Black = Dad

White highlighted Black = mom

Pink or Dark Blue  = Me 

Red = Ruby

Yellow = Azalea

Green = Emerald

Purple = Lavender 

Black highlighted any color = Other character (name will be mentioned)


Rose !

Hi lavender

That’s all “Hi lavender”

OK OK Hi lavender, Emerald, Ruby, and Azalea. Better


It follows proper etiquette 

We do have some bad news though


And dad

Just scheduled a class with us. We have to go

Oh um that’s ok i’ll just go do something else.


Just what am I supposed to do? I think I'll try the lost cities.


Keeper of the Lost Cities 

Younger Sophie - Telepath, enhancer, inflictor hasn’t manifested other powers yet

Older Sophie - Telepath, inflictor, enhancer, polyglot, teleporter 

Bronte - Inflictor

Oralie - Empath

Keefe - empath

Younger Keefe (he’s really persistent so i brought him two) - empath

Dex - Technopath

Biana - vanisher

Fitz - Telepath

Younger Brant - Pyrokinetics

Fintan - Pyrokinetics (fire)

Younger fintan (don’t ask) - pyrokinetics

Other character (names will be specified)


Hi everybody 


Rose you're back 

Yeah i’m backdid you miss me


You’re just in time miss Diamond

Why is that

We were hoping to see a performance by the pyrokinrtics to prove they are actually learning Self Control


And we keep telling him we can

Well ok then, don’t see why not







WOW i wish i could show you guys this it is amazing, i’ll settle for sending pictures

TheFireshow looked something like this


Who thinks this … show… shows mastery of control


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