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The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 10

The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 10

Posted August 27th, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land


Well since my parents aren’t going to let me investigate I'd have to do it on my own. First Stop THE ROYAL LIBRARY. 


A veeeeeeerrrrrrrrrry long climb through the secret tunnels i made (well me and my sisters) later 


Welcome to the ROYAL LIBRARY

Link if you can’t see it



So I know it doesn’t look like much but the super old book becomes any book/ books (it will duplicate if it is more than one book) you want so… a little better right.


*walks to book* Books on magic gems and flowers


Viola stack of books

*Makes copy of all the books*


No more books it went back to its original form


One walk back to my room later


Now i’ll just add these to my personal library

What ? How do you think I studied magic? I went to the royal library, made copies and added them to my library so I never got caught.


My Library


I based it off the royal library. The computer projects the book I want, I store the books in the computer before you ask ….. Magic i don't know how it does it


Let’s start with …. “Finding your magic support item” seems the most likely to have what i am looking for

*Opens Book*

This book is way to big and the font is so small well i better get reading

15 min later

So many words 


1 hour later

And so yes…. You're charm should *yawn* charm should find …………. Yeah i’m going to take a nap
*goes to bed*

I’m just going to close my eyes for a second and ………………………………….

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Theories are welcome in the

Theories are welcome in the comments i promise i'll tell you if your right

Now's probably the best time to say it

Before i give anything away

Magically, Rose

Posted by Rose on Sat, 08/28/2021 - 23:04

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