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The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 14

The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 14

Posted October 1st, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land

Magic Flower

As long as you behave yourselves that is

I suppose he is correct  don’t mess around understood

Remember my parents aren’t really big fans of each other, i mean i get the feeling they are but ugh you know what figure it out yourselves i have a party to celebrate


I’ll make sure they actually behave

As if we would ever cause any problem

Yeah what makes you think that

After all it is lavenders and Azalea’s party why in the world would they ruin it right girls

*very guiltily* correct ruby we wouldn’t ruin it

Wow Ruby knows how to make them feel bad. I mean lavender would have stopped emerald from spilling the punch bowl or something but…. Even she has her limits, we all do ruby and Azalea’s limits are just easier to cross and if we are being completely honest mines are the hardest to cross in some cases. 

Guys the ceremony is starting

Please tell me there aren’t any deadly lasers

Relax there won’t be i think

There won’t, i know that 


From what i can tell we each conjure our type of flowers and the pollen from them activates the other so unless you have pollen allergies 

Which i don’t

You're completely safe

Yeah i think i like your method better

Eh i kind of have to agree

Hey the speech is over go go GO


Wish us luck



Good Luck guys



The flowers my sisters made are very pretty here

And no this Picture does not do it justice

It’s so pretty 

*shouts* Rose you try 

But i can’t

You can do it try


In our mind link

Just be happy and let that be try and connect to your flower

I don’t have one

You do it’s your hairclip i figured it out

Ok i’ll try


Everyone: *Gasps*


You did it

Yeah i guess i did

Good Job 

Azalea and Lavender walk over

And you’re not even fourteen yet

So it is a big deal

You’re right i did great




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