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The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 15

The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 15

Posted October 8th, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land

Pool Trip


Someone remind me about this when next i get angry at my sisters

Now i believe you younger girls have some energy to let out it is still *checks her watch* 4: 30 we have enough time to go to the swimming pool.


What ? I was excited twice as much because I'm in the story and narrating …. I just ruined the joke didn’t i 

What did you just unleash

Oh don’t worry we’ll keep them under control, we always do

I suppose you  are correct

Lets Go

*Grabs me* Hold on rose you sure you want to swim in a poofy gown

….Right need to change first


Back at the castle

Does everything have to have frills

Nope not putting up with it to the sewing machine again just a phrase


What do you think of my new and improved Swim Suit

Where’d you get that

I made it

Good Job


Alright lets go if we hurry you’ll get a whole hour in the pool

Stress on if we hurry



Rose can you keep an eye on these two

Just don’t let them hurt anyone

Don’t worry i won’t anyone ruin this *flips on back and starts floating around the pool*

Yeah she’ll keep them from trouble


A while later

*laughs* Take this *splashes emerald

*Gasps* revenge *splashes lavender*

*laughs* Take this *splashes emerald

*Gasps* you take this *splashes lavender*

 *splashes emerald*

*splashes lavender*

*splashes emerald*

I can’t tell who’s splashing who anymore

Alright enough *uses magic and tosses a wave on them*

*gasp for air* 


*Lifts hand to splash lavender*

Don’t even think about it

…. Thanks

What are sisters for


Uh oh

*Traps both of them in water baubles with only their heads sticking out*

*quickly*I surrender 

*lets lavender down*

*struggles* I will never surender ……… Fine i surrender as well

*nods* you may come down *lets emerald down*






I finally got my own kitten! I!..AM!..SO!….HAPPY!


Well I'm glad you're happy but.. We have a class remember

And you have you gem 

And flower now so i have a feeling this is going to be interesting


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