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The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 18

The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 18

Posted October 29th, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land

Saving Jolie


Younger Sophie - Telepath, enhancer, inflictor hasn’t manifested other powers yet

Older Sophie - Telepath, inflictor, enhancer, polyglot, teleporter 

Keefe - empath

Younger Keefe (he’s really persistent so i brought him two) - empath

Dex - Technopath

Biana - vanisher

Fitz - Telepath

Fintan - Pyrokinetics (fire)

Younger fintan (don’t ask) - pyrokinetics

Other character (names will be specified)


Now The story…

floating in a pool on a warm summer day this is amazing

Ooh look a butterfly

Not sure Who: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

(groans) ugh ok i’m up i’m up

I was just having the most amazing dream...

There’s a fire 

Ugh, but it’s only (checks clock) 6, it is only 6 everyone should be in their beds asleep


(very grumpy) Ok why are you out of bed, why are you outside, and most importantly WHY is NO ONE supervising you you know the rules

Younger Brant: Don’t go out alone

(raises eyebrows)

Don’t go outside without a ADULT or you


*to the readers* hey i am good at controlling them

Don’t use special abilities without a person with same or opposite ability

In usion : Have fun but safely

Correct there are 3 simple rule an you have just broken ALL 3


But what, what possible reason is there for breaking 3 VERY SIMPLe rules


That's what i thought now, pleeease get back in BED

Yes rose 

Yes Rose


Jolie: Well that went well 

(hopefully) You think so

Yes rose i do

Brant: Why does it smell like….oh um hi

(glaring) Hi

Uh oh, heeyyy isn’t it time for um you to go do something very important AWAY from here

Real subtle rose

Ugh give me a break i’m trying, but i do need youre help with um.. MATH homework 

Uh ok, lets go do youre “math homework”

Yes very important, must go now, musn’t delay


Okay WOW Jolie is right i am NOT at ALL subtle but hey i kept them form fighting

Ever since i brought jolie back from the past, and that was a most unpleasant trip, she has been very upset with brant and yeah i’m right there with her but, they need to take care of it NOT in front of the kids who ADORE jolie, 


You don’t really have MAth homework do you

Weeeeeeeeell i DO but i already finished it soo you know, yeah it was just an excuse

Thought so

Since you're here anyway tell me a story, any story


Fine tell me a story i already know



This is the story of the girl who lived

I’m starting to regret telling you the Harry Potter story

Rose hush


This is the story of a courageous girl who faced her fear for her friend

Ooh i like this already

(smiles) This is a true story, 

There was a girl, a girl with a broken heart, she was surrounded by flames, the flames would kill her, when she heard her, shouting her name telling her to hold on and then there she was the courageous girl come to save her friend, The courageous girl ran to the girl trapped in the flame 

Wait, Jooliie

What you were courageous


Anyway the two girls ran for the exit every time the fire threatened to burn them to a crisp. The courageous girl, despite being terrified of making it worse and terrified of the flames, pushed them aside with her own magic for her friend. The girls made it out okay but the courageous girl looked sad. “What's wrong?” The other asked The courageous girl replied “i changed history and unless you come back to the present with me leaving this time, the change won’t be permanent but i can't” The other girl stopped her “of course i’ll come everyone here will think i’m dead anyway and if i don’t come i will be, by going with you i can save myself, and in the present i can make my parent feel a LOT better, i will won't i” The courageous girl replied “Yes” The other other girl said “then it’s settled i’m coming with you”. THE END


What did you think

You exaggerated it 

Really, so you weren’t terrified

Ok i was but


… nothing 



Please note i will be uploading a special chaper haloween day

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