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The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 13

The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 13

Posted September 17th, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land

Coronation Party


Um not to ruin the mood or anything but i can’t exactly hop in the carriage and come with you guys so are you sure i shouldn’t just change at the party cause i’m going to have to get to the party very not cleanly. I mean one possibility.

Hm you make a good point 

Ok fine you can change at the ball

And be careful

What lavender said 

Ok relax guys i’ll be fine now hurry up or you'll be late

Kay bye




After they left

Now to find something easy to sneak around in

At my closet

Ugh normally I wouldn't say this but I really need to go shopping. All I have in here are gifts from my friend and family which has resulted in….. Oof …. poofy *muffled* dresses.

Okay better idea let's take these *grabs poofiest 2 dresses* and make my own dress

To the sewing machine 

Actually i'm just going to miniaturise these hand sew a dress and enlarge it to my size 


After a while

Here we go 

My Outfit it isn’t much but it will do

So to get out of the castle i used the secret passageways and walked out the front door literally i mean i was still allowed out just not to the ball and clearly i wasn’t wearing a party outfit.


When I finally reached the ball it was beyond amazing, so pretty.


Much later 

Attention as you all know we are gathered here today to…..

I stopped paying attention to the speech it was very boring

And now, emerald ruby if you would please step up, i present you your gems

As soon as the gems touched their skin both shined so brightly and then suddenly shot our towards the audience at this point i assumed i should run because while everyone else looked as if this was normal my sisters had just ,mentally, shouted run together at me so you know that my cue and as i silently ran i noticed everyone else covered in some very bright light. Not paying attention cause that beam is coming right at me and




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