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The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 6

The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 6

Posted July 30th, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land


So, it’s a Friday and that means all of us sisters are meeting up for practice but, I cannot get this stupid long poufy dress off so I can change into something more suitable.

Azalea: Rose come on we have to go before the guards pop up again

Rose: *still struggling* Coming just … let me … get this … on …. Finally, I’m ready *runs out of room and to lavender and Azalea while braiding my hair*

Lavender: well, seems like you finally escaped the dress mom made you wear

Me: Yes, and I managed to do it without ripping it.

Azalea: *laughs* ok let’s go you two or we’ll be stuck here again

This time we actually made it out the castle without getting seen which we always manage but you didn’t know that so.


At the barrier


Azalea: where are Ruby and Emerald we can’t get across without them.

Me: I could…

Azalea & Lavender: No

Me: but

Azalea: No Rose


My sisters can be a little over protective but I suppose they have their reasons doesn’t mean I have to like it. After all I’m 13 what’s the worst that can happen right. Kidding I’m the 13-year-old daughter of the well I’m not quite ready to mention that yet see if you can guess on your own.


Ruby & Emerald: *Run up to us* Sorry we’re late

Ruby: *lets us over what I call the dooms pit*

Picture of the dooms pit even if you can’t see much cause, it is the blackest of dark



I’m pretty sure there’s lava at the end so I drew that onto the picture I took with my watch  I have what is a really smart magic watch made by someone from another plane (get it cause it’s the Parallel PLANES)


Ruby and Azalea are technically our teachers even though technically I’m the most powerful. No, I’m not bragging I’m stating a fact. I’m pretty sure it’s cause for like what was like the last 8 years I’m the only one who DILIGENTLY practiced and maybe snuck into lessons that were for Ruby and Azalea, lavender and Emerald and maybe read a “few” “advanced” ,10 years ahead of what my level should have been, books. Except everyone says even with all that I shouldn’t be as advanced as I am. Hmm maybe.

Azalea & Emerald: Ok let’s see how far you all are

Emerald: *Try’s to do the stun spell on a poor little butterfly she missed*

Me: *happy for butterfly*

Ruby: ok

Lavender: *does the unstun Spell on the butterfly’s wing which did get hit*


Let me explain something here in magic Ruby and Azalea are opposites and partners cause what one can do the other can undo and both are at the same level. This partner method helps keep them both safe and uncorrupted.


Butterfly: Weakly hovers then falls*

Azalea: You didn’t practice did you


Now I don’t have a partner for many reasons. The primary one being cause only one person comes close to matching my skill, and that is the daughter of the universal fairy. She also exceeds her mother. Who is considered to be the most powerful person. So, we both are basically the only prodigies in I think the whole parallel planes. Before I came along, she was the only one, but we get along. Anyway, as I was saying even, she is like 5 whole levels below me. We are both 13 so it’s not unfair or anything. I still don’t get how that is possible that she is less skilled than me. Due to this I can only practice small spells. That may sound good but, well here put it this way when I don’t use my magic it gets stored up and then when I do use it in an uncontrolled manner. It’s a disaster.


Ruby & Emerald: Ok Rose you’re up

Me: Shows them basic shield spell

Both: Ok you can go emerald lavender you stay and PRACTICE

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Magically, Rose

Posted by Rose on Fri, 07/30/2021 - 07:00

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