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The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 7

The Adventures of Rose Parallel Planes: Chapter 7

Posted August 6th, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land


Saturday – I met one of my old friends well she’s more of a new friend now.  Her name is Jade Tulip and we agree on SO MANY things.

Sunday – I have a test in “actual” School tomorrow studying can’t talk

Monday - Well the test was Ok

Emerald: I’m sure you did fine

Me: Maybe

Lavender: Is there any point trying to convince you that you did well

Me: No

Azalea: That what we thought

Ruby: Just so you know you did your best and that’s what matters

Me: Yeah Probably

I actually was starting to believe them a little maybe

Tuesday – either it’s testing week or my teacher are VERY synchronized when it comes to testing, I mean we just finished one and now there is another one tomorrow and another one Friday

Ruby – now you know how we feel about magic study

Me: {horrified} but learning magic is so exciting

Azalea: *laugh* Maybe for you but definitely not for us you know maybe we should convince Mom and dad to teach you as well

Emerald: That’ll get rid of her excitement for sure but meh she’ll have us to bail her so why not

Lavender: Yeah

Me: *Wide eyed* Really!

All four of Them: Sure, why not

Excuse me I must go be really, really happy

Wednesday – Call me over excited or crazy but I can’t wait to start actual training. The reason for this is for the past I don’t know how many years my sisters…. And parents were being WAY too overprotective. So yeah, I’m just a little excited.



Emerald: ok try not to freak out

Me: What

Ruby: So, we asked Dad

Azalea: And I asked mom

Lavender: And they said yes

Me: *Super heigh pitch* YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! (Finally!)

All four: *cover their ears* Rose calm down!

Me: heh heh

Lavender: ow my ears hurt

Emerald: Same

Me: Sorry

Azalea: Told you she’d be excited

Emerald: Yeah, I just didn’t expect her to burst our eardrums

Me: uh

Ruby: Anyway, they’ve rescheduled our practice so it’ll be tomorrow after your school

Me: *Trying to be dignified* Ok (YEEEEEEEEEEEES!)


() = Mentally

**= sound or action



So I’m going to do practice with dad, emerald and ruby first then with mom, azalea and lavender. There was a condition that we only found out about later I had to join in with the other girls basically there would be no basics or anything all of us would take the same lessons and tests. Basically I skipped all the grades I should have don and joined the one my sisters were doing.

Ruby: Rose come on if we’re late we will be in so much trouble.

Me: Coming

Emerald: Your sure you want to do this

Me: Yep


Later at the training area we arrived to see an obstacle course that looked simply but was magically enchanted to be, well destructive.


Emerald: you SURE you want to do this

Me: um yes


All of us girls: eep

Dad: Ruby goes first as usual

Ruby: *Made it ¾ the way across before getting hit by a spell that knocked her all the way back*

Emerald & Me: *Clap*

Dad: Emeralds next

Emerald: *Made it half the way across before falling into the pit of doom which is what the obstacle course is over*

Before you panic dad teleported her back so you know she’s fine

Dad: Rose next

Ruby & Emerald: but

  Me: It’s fine I’m great at thinking on my feet I’ll be ok (I think)

Both: You sure

Me: Yes (not in the slightest)

Guess what so I was about to fall like 1/6 the way there but then determined to make it across I did something fairly stupid but smart. So, a few years back I discovered that with the dark pit I think anyone who is a descendant of the royalty on my dads’ side can control it to do whatever they want. So, knowing this I jumped off the obstacle course and before dad teleported me used whatever is down there and made a path around the obstacle course which may seem like cheating but hey there was only one rule get across the obstacle course. Sure, my sisters screamed at me forever but, hey I did it and dad well even he looked a little stunned.

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