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The Adventures of Rose Hogwarts: Chapter 13

The Adventures of Rose Hogwarts: Chapter 13

Posted April 23rd, 2021 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land

Old friends

Just when I thought that things had settled down, another thing happened and proved me wrong. So, I was just sitting in my room trying to relax after last week’s confusing class reading the 5th Harry Potter book, when I got time teleported to well the 5th Harry Potter book. To be more specific, since I was reading the part where the maunderers and snape have their little meeting, I got teleported to the time Lily Evans was in school. I just watched as Snape tried to defend himself but failed Lily tried to defend but ended up getting hurt (emotionally). Well, I know I’m not supposed to interfere but, I couldn’t just walk away. You see this is like the 20th time this has happened. What I read a lot. Anyway, so over time despite the “no interfering” rule I maybe sorta went over and talked to lily and we may have become friends, oh who am I kidding we both were great friends even if I couldn’t tell her what happens in the future. For more than one reason as you know if you read the Harry Potter series.  I went over and as soon as she saw me, she cheered right up which was a relief when she started to explain what happened I Said “I know I saw and you know come from the future and stuff. She kind of laughed at that and I went on to explain that I was sure snape or I guess I should say Severus didn’t mean it, and how I’m also sure he is very sorry. She said “maybe but I’m not sure I want to forgive him”. I totally understood. Just then I had a really good idea that could be a potentially horrible idea. I asked if she wanted to come back with me to the future. When she said yes, I had to explain that if she did come, she couldn’t come back this story would still continue but, she wouldn’t know some parts of it, the parts that haven’t been recorded to be more specific. After a minute’s thought she said that it was fine by her. So, before we went back to the future I went ahead and explained almost all the Harry Potter story and I told her my story. About how I discovered different types of magic from all over the universe, and got selected to Hogwarts, then became a PA. After I finished that I time teleported the both of us back to Hogwarts’s of 2021. Right into my room which had a lot of Worried now very Mad professors.

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That... took a very

That... took a very unexpected direction. 

Lily Evans, hello there! Good luck writing Harry's truly epic mum, Rose. 

All the Hogwarts professors like ">:(" lol

Snape...could be happy about this? Or maybe not. Maybe it's like "I finally healed from losing you and now you're BACK, like NOTHING HAPPENED?"


Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


Posted by Tía Snow on Mon, 05/10/2021 - 09:49
yes it will probably be very

yes it will probably be very um intresting esecially considering Lily JUST got back from their fight.




Posted by Rose on Fri, 05/14/2021 - 15:55

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