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The Adventures of Rose; title pending: Chapter 2

The Adventures of Rose; title pending: Chapter 2

Posted April 29th, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land


Black = Dad

White highlighted Black = mom

Pink or Dark Blue  = Me 

Red = Ruby

Yellow = Azalea

Green = Emerald

Purple = Lavender 

Obsidian Shade (Thorn) - Dad when he was younger

Lotus - Mom when she was younger

Miss Misery


Miss Marigold


Brown = Elizabeth


Ugh so late have to oof hurry

Okay what happened to you

I'm late again

Weren’t you nearly late last week to

yeah panicking a little here

Okay stop.. Stop you'll never get yourself looking presentable if you keep being like that here let me

First let's fix that dress what class do you have

Um general magic with um, my mom as in older you

Ok then first we change that dress to this

(well she took that well)

See it suits you and your mom can’t complain that your wearing the colors of emerald and ruby 

Yes i'm well aware your parents are not fond of the other two half sisters

Yeah mom doesn't like emerald and ruby

And dad doesnt like azalea or lavender

And i am stuck in the middle i like them all

Now let's fix your hair 

*brushes hair* Rose or diamond 

Rose since i’ll be with mom

*puts tiara with roses on it*

There perfect

How i looked 


Anyway i'm late





Oh hi Elizabeth we’ve got to stop bumping into each other



note: ihave exams next week so if i don't post on friday i promise i will on saturday

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Pfft yeah we bump many times

Pfft yeah we bump many times

Posted by Elizabeth on Fri, 04/29/2022 - 10:24

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