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The Adventures of Rose; Title Pending: Chapter 10

The Adventures of Rose; Title Pending: Chapter 10

Posted June 30th, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land

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Just then my phone,bracelet thing rang. It was my sisters, all of them. They said I needed to get home immediately. We decided to meet in the garden in front of my castle. I have absolutely no clue what they wanted to talk about so don’t ask me.

"Hey" I said as I walked over to them. Hi Rose, they all replied. “So what happened?” I asked. THey explained that now that, technically i’m the ruler of the middle land i should start learning etiquette (i already know half of it), politics (i’m only 14), kingdom management (actually can’t come up with any excuse), and i should practice my magic, which they agreed i could do on my own (no complaint). “Before that you need to gather the gems of-” ruby started. “I’m going to stop you right there, i am not going on some quest with a time limit which i barely complete in time” i argued. THey all laughed “no rose you won’t have to go on any such quest” Azalea explained. “You’ve already got the gems through all your previous adventures dealing with all the various planes” Emerald stated. “The gems are metaphorical. We were just trying to get you worked up and it worked.” Lavender laughed. “Oh” I said. “And that's why you’re our diamond amongst stones” they all chorused. 

Did I ever tell you my sisters can be soooo annoying. I mean really ! They could have just mentioned that like yeah so you’ve learned so much over all your adventures and we’re proud or something, but noooooo they just HAD to tease me. I normally say my older sisters are better than most but right now I can totally see why so many of my friends say that older siblings can be annoying. They just couldn’t help themselves could they ! 


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