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The Adventures of Rose; Title Pending: Chapter 11

The Adventures of Rose; Title Pending: Chapter 11

Posted July 8th, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land

New Lessons


I know we normally skip classes, so as not to bore you, however I figured I would at the very least introduce you to my new classes. 


Actually Lavender is going to ‘tutor' me in etiquette,for now, eventually we will get me a proper teacher. 

“Now then let's start with posture training,”I said , placing a book on Rose’s head. “Walk from this end of the room to the other,” I instructed her. I instructed her to do 5 such laps. I’m actually surprised by how little fault she had in it even when I increased the number of books by one each lap. Rose still walked at a regular pace without dropping even one of the books. She’s younger than me and never fails to amaze.

Now  shall we practice dancing. Rose immediately started complaining. She hates formal dancing. Oh well eventually we’ll hold a coronation ball for her and she has to dance at that. If she doesn’t It would be fine, but it is tradition for the “hostess” of the ball to dance. It would be against tradition.


Emerald will be temporarily taking my History, Geography, Grammar which somehow falls under politics. I’m pretty sure that isn’t how it works.

“For today we will skip Geography, however I will have a map of the land next class which you should memorize,  for now we can begin with history” I started. After that I began by telling her the most recent history, which is of our parents. Our parents had met when they were young, As they grew up they realized they would be the rulers as their older siblings took to more indirect work. When they realized this they decided to unite the two lands of good and evil. However later they didn’t get along nearly as well as they used to when they were younger. This led to their childhood dream remaining unfinished. “Which i’ll now finish” Rose confidently stated. “Yes, yes you will,” I agreed. “NOw about you’re grammar, get writing” I said

THat’s about all you need to know, let's move on.

Kingdom Management 

Ruby and Azalea will be both, probably alternatingly, teaching me kingdom management which will consist of decision making, attitude, and most importantly leadership skills.

“Today I will be taking your class. Let’s take the example that a random kid accidentally crossed the border and now the people here in the dark land are angry. How will you resolve this?” I asked “Actually  this happened once. It is a really easy fix, if it’s just children who found the child you tell them that crossing the border is wrong but accidents happen then you take the child back to the good land and everyone learns an important lesson.” Rose immediately replied. To this I asked “what if an adult finds the child ?” Rose said “ I would do the same thing however if the adults don’t listen then you distract the adults and tell the child to run”. Rose is too Naive that might work in the good land but here she’d get smoked. I mean I know she can defend herself but not all problems have a peaceful solution.We have a lot of work to do.


Of course we already decided that I would practice Magic Alone. However after the day i had i’m not sure i have any energy left to use magic. Then again we can look at this as an opportunity. I should be able to do magic in any situation, including when I'm exhausted. I can star with a basic attack spell and…. AIM ! I have to aim right … I hit the target. Let’s take it from the top again 3 times should be enough right. Haha i hit both the other targets.‘Rose !” huh who’s screaming. Woah my legs gave out. “Ugh Rose how can you.. .. reckless … should……better…………….”


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