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The Adventures of Rose; Title Pending: Chapter 12

The Adventures of Rose; Title Pending: Chapter 12

Posted July 16th, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land

The Roles

I woke up in my bed. All of my sisters were surrounding me and they looked a mixture of displeased and worried. Just as I had predicted after giving me a few seconds to get my bearings they started bombarding me with questions and comments. “Are you ok” Azalea asked, “you should be more careful” Ruby scolded, “What happened” Lavender asked, “What if you had gotten hurt” Emerald added. They also did this all at the same time so you know confusion. I Replied “ yes i’m ok, I must have over done it a little-” “A little” They all cut in. “ok a lot” i continued “ I was careful just not enough, and i wouldn’t have gotten too badly hurt ok” They still seemed worried. This would take a while.

 I mean it’s not that i don’t appreciate all of them worrying but i’m 14 i can take care of myself. Yes I did over - do it and yes i should know better. However i was ok now right so, i just thought they’d calm down a bit. Then again they do have every reason to worry. They’re my sisters of course they’re going to worry. 

After my sister’s had calmed down a little we sat down and talked. My sisters all agreed that  maybe we needed a different approach. Especially with my school restarting in a few weeks. Either way they also had duties and responsibilities that they had to attend to. So we decided that since, anyway, my knowledge in most of the subjects was pretty advanced, I could learn as I went. 

Ruby and Azalea could focus on ruling the two kingdoms. Lavender and Emerald could focus on going out and dealing with hands-on type issues. While I would do what i’ve always been doing, going around helping my friend. I would also have to help them if they were busy and needed some help.


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