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The Adventures of rose; Title Pending: Chapter 13

The Adventures of rose; Title Pending: Chapter 13

Posted August 1st, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land


Ok I need a break. School is starting next week and I'm definitely over worrying. Last week i had nothing better to do so i went around with lavender and emerald but well i don’t think that’ll be enough to take my mind off things soooo i'm going to hogwarts Lily and Delphi NORMALLY can help me calm down but i’m starting high school this year HIGH school. And …

Rose over here Lily called out waving her arm like crazy. Huh, I feel better already. “Hi guys” I said as I walked over. “For clarification, Rose was really freaking out till a moment ago so we have a lot of work ahead of us” Delphi interjected before I could properly greet both of them. “Hey stay out of my head” I exclaimed putting up my mental block. She didn’t apologize in case you guys were wondering

“Now how can we take my mind off things?” I asked out loud. “We could go broomstick riding,” Delphi teased. “Yeah and I'll drive us through a crazy and panicked roller coaster,” I retorted. “Please don’t I mean i know you are kidding but with roses skills you’re both likely to fall” Lily interjected. I mean she isn’t wrong Broomstick riding definitely isn’t my thing. While we all thought of ways to take my mind off things, we started heading to the great hall. I mean it’s 8:00 and I haven't even had breakfast yet. 

“Rose !” Lily and Delphi both yelled as they stopped me from crashing head first into the door. “Sorry i wasn’t paying attention” i said and of course they both proceeded to go on about i ought to be more careful. I was too busy noticing that the two had started to get along a bit more to really pay attention. I mean normally by now they would have started fighting over one thing or another. Then again maybe I'm being too optimistic,  I do that a lot.

As we were eating I finally figured out what we could do. “How about a trip to the zoo? Animals always take my mind off things and maybe if everyone behaved the professors might even let us take some of the other students along. Also i’m decently sure Hagrid wouldn’t mind too much if we went during care of magical creatures class. He might even agree to chaperone. “ Seeing how excited I was they both agreed “I want to go meet those panthers again”Lily declared. Me and Lily both share a love for cats so of course I couldn't refuse. Delphi of course confirmed that she’d be in the back of the reptiles section with the new cobra… um i don’t actually know what snake babies are called. 

“Let’s go” I said, Delphi, however, said she’d ask the professors and we could go ask Hagrid since he always scowled at her. I still haven’t told her the whole story behind that.


Sorry my school started today so i was not able to write the last few weeks


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