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The Adventures of Rose; title pending: Chapter 3

The Adventures of Rose; title pending: Chapter 3

Posted May 6th, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land


Black = Dad

White highlighted Black = mom

Pink or Dark Blue  = Me 

Red = Ruby

Yellow = Azalea

Green = Emerald

Purple = Lavender 

Obsidian Shade (Thorn) - Dad when he was younger

Lotus - Mom when she was younger

Miss Misery


Miss Marigold


Brown = Elizabeth


Pfft yeah we bump many times

But in a way it’s a good thing otherwise i wouldn’t have brought you

Well you brought me because of other reasons

*laughs* yeah anyway Class LAte gotta go BYE

Ok i’m going to assume none of you want to hear about my class if you do then tell me but  i’m just going to tell you what elizabeth meant because, otherwise you all will think i left it all suspense like by purpose

What happened was

One week ago  Maybe 2 

*immersed completely in her own thoughts* (remember be on time, don’t get grounded, your sister don’t need anymore trouble..) oof



Hey where you going

It’s kind of complicated

Well you keep disappearing and not telling anyone where you go

(yeah i’ll just say i'm going to a different dimension that totally iseasy to explain)

Yeah well

Ok you’re making that face

What face

The one you make whenever you see professor snape or professor dumbldore or any of the characters who died in the harry potter series.. I mean 

Wait you know about those too



(you now i could take her with me theonly problem was the series if someone read it.. Paradox )

(she also isn’t one of the charactersin the books so no spoilers which again lead to a paradox

(we are agreed)

(we can take her to the parallel planes)

So in conclusion can i come with you

Huh oh *quick recovery fro not paying much attention* (Yes) *thinks it through again* sure


Yeah but first explanations

Tells whole very long story (just read the previous books) so any questions


Okay let's go… um just a heads up you might feel like a little.. Well lets put it this way it’s a sparkles overload not as much as if you tried to go to the lost cities but


(right lets not fry her brain with the complicated interonnectivity of parallel universe travel)

Anyway my teleportation is a lot like how disney movies show magic sparkly, bright, though sometimes i manage to make it normal


(awkward laugh* anyway AWAY !

Teleports them both


So yeah thats the story bye


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Noice! I really like it so

Noice! I really like it so far

Posted by Elizabeth on Sat, 05/07/2022 - 21:05

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