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The Adventures of Rose; title pending: chapter 5

The Adventures of Rose; title pending: chapter 5

Posted May 20th, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land

Hey guys. So I’m going to try doing this in proper story format again. Now where was I ? Right . Mom tell dad this isn’t fair I shouted. My mom replied actually I quite agree. This is so unfair my summer just started. Now I have to take magic lessons. At least my sisters are on my side. As soon as they saw I couldn’t come up with a proper comeback, they started arguing with our parents on my behalf. They really are the best. “Ok “I cut in.”what would these lessons even entail”. Almost immediately I regretted asking. Both my parents started rambling on about control offense defense and a bunch of other stuff. I tried to look interested but they were using proper fancy words and, well I got bored. Look it’s not that I don’t like magic but well I have a less, how to put this, traditional way of using magic. The majority of people use spells and incantations. No one needs them but that’s just what they prefer. Me. I’m better without any of that. Most of it stems from the fact that everyone grew up learning the proper way in school or from their parents. With me everyone was being overprotective so no one taught me. So I taught myself. I also didn’t have many resources to learn spells and incarnations with. So yeah. Not really my fault. Anyway that aside why do my parents suddenly want me learning magic. They never stopped being overprotective. I have to get to the bottom of this. Oh before I get lost in thought we lost the battle my “lessons “ start next week. Now what I’m the word would make my parents suddenly want me to learn magic.

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