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The Adventures of Rose; title pending: chapter 7

The Adventures of Rose; title pending: chapter 7

Posted June 3rd, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land


Let me explain. Most people would expect children to be excited when their grandparents come to visit. However my grandparents weren’t like that. I realized this when I went back in time and met Thorn. His real name is Obsidian Shade but you know he doesn’t like it much and prefers Thorn. I think I already told you this but that’s my dad. I went back in time and brought the younger him back. This was because of my grandparents on my dad’s side. They are and never probably will be nice. 

When they were younger my dad and uncle used to be inseparable and very loyal to one another. They broke off and their relationship was damaged because, in the duel for inheritance which neither of them cared about. My uncle betrayed my dad and cheated. As mentioned earlier this ruined their relationship. I discovered my grandparents had threatened my uncle to cheat or something, something they’d hurt Thorn. I think you can guess the rest. Worried brother cheats for sake of younger brother. Younger brother feels betrayed and their relationship is broken. 

If that isn’t enough to convince you they aren’t the usual sweet grandparents, here's another story. One time after me, my sisters, and dad had gotten closer we were suddenly kidnapped. While escaping we found out the person or rather people behind it were my dad and uncle. Same scenario, us girls feel betrayed. The little amount of trust we and dad had built is shattered. Later I discovered the real culprit behind it was again our grandparents. Again the two brothers, our dad and uncle, were threatened. 

So yeah not your typical grandparents. Anyway my birthday is next thursday and I am NOT letting that be ruined. I'll find a way.


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