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The Adventures of Rose; Title Pending: Chapter 8

The Adventures of Rose; Title Pending: Chapter 8

Posted June 9th, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land


So I figured out that apparently my grandparents weren’t her to make trouble. Apparently their only interest was thatsice im 14 and thus have passed the coming of age ceremonies for both good and dark, and both my parents were royalty, it went on for a while. Anyway in the end they wanted me to become the ruler of the middle kingdom. Which came with responsibilities like keeping the other two kingdoms, which my eldest siblings Ruby and Azalea had inherited or would inherit since they waited till my 14th birthday, at peace.Along with other stuff i was already doing in secret. Now enough with the boring stuff my birthday is tomorrow just a few hours till my birthday. Well you’ll be reading this on my birthday but i'm writing it June 8th. THIS IS AMAZING, I AM -

Hi my name’s Lavender sorry my sister has gone way too crazy so i’m going to take over. “GUYS”  I shouted to my sisters ``Rose is being over excited and it isn’t even her birthday yet”. My sister Emerald, well she’s my step-sister but ignoring that, went to call the younger versions of our parents. I’ll let her take over

“We have a situation” I told the younger versions of our parents who brought back with her when she time traveled. She can do that. “What type of situation Lotus asked. She’s the younger version of our mom. I replied “The type where Rose acts like a kid who had 10 chocolate bars”. Obsidian, younger dad, replied “a normal kid or Rose because Rose would feel weird but a normal kid would -” i cut him off “a normal kid Rose is running around or nearly jumping”. I’m still amazed she hasn’t run out of energy yet. She’s been jumping around being excited for like half an hour. Not that we don’t want her excited but i don’t think that the amount of sudden over working of her muscles is a healthy thing. Oh well Rose is having fun i guess that’s what matters in the end. Anyway I think we’ll end it at this and Rose can upload it tomorrow if she has calmed down a little.

The next day

Ok i have celebrating to do so i’ll keep this short i discovered my powers are a lot stronger and easier to control

I also read the last Aru Shah book. I have a few changes to make to that ending, which i will tell you next chapter as a “fan fic” but all in all it was good


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