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The Adventures of Rose; Title Pending: Chapter 9

The Adventures of Rose; Title Pending: Chapter 9

Posted June 17th, 2022 by Rose

by Rose
in The Double Land


Hey. I shouted to Aru Shah. Quick sum up: Aru is the .. soul daughter of Indra who is the indian god of rain. She has the soul of Arjun, one of the Pandavas from the Mahabharata. She and her soul sisters had to stop Aru’s Biological Father, the sleeper, from destroying the world and such over the course of 5 books. Kara, who killed the sleeper, thinking the sleeper was going to hurt Aru's mom, was stripped of her memories and powers by the council. I didn’t agree with the “losing her memories” bit. However Aru Shah is a mythological book, and Indian mythological book so i can’t just give her back her powers and stuff but since the book is over i can try to bring back some of her memories. I’m aiming to at least bring back her memories of her sisters. I mean she JUST got a real family. To fulfill this plan of mine I have gathered up all the Potatoes, hey their choice of name not mine, and brought them over to Kara’s house.After giving her the same sum up i just gave you i let the others get more in detail to see if it could jog her memory. They talked for hours and i’m not going to try and tell you a 5 book long story so if you want to know just read the books they are all available on multiple sites (i don’t want to advertise anything.) In the meantime how bout i explain why mythology stories are different. The main thing is mythology is based on the beliefs of someone and messing with it, well i’ll leave that to the professionals. The thing with Indian mythology is I've grown up with all these stories around me so you know. Just try imagining writing a new story based on whatever religion you follow. If you don’t follow anything, imagine writing about Albert Einstein or someone equally important.


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