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Aftertale: Frisk (Chapter 9)

Aftertale: Frisk (Chapter 9)

Posted September 11th, 2018 by CatKeeper

by CatKeeper
in My Little Fantasy Worlds

Huzzah! Sorry, this was a bit late, things got a bit crazy and I haven't had time. Here it is now, though, so yay!

In this chapter, Frisk gets kidnapped (no, that's not a spoiler, you'll see in a second), THREE new characters appear (yes, not one, not two, but THREE!), and story arc one is getting close to its end! You'll see what I mean by 'arc one' in a while... (*cough*chapter4*cough*) There's no shipping in this chapter, but I'm building up to the start of a new ship (pray it's not called Titanic).

Okay, CatKeeper, that's enough rambling. Here we go:





I leaped over to the window, chest heaving, hoping he would see me.

After I left, I just wandered around for a while, hoping to give Sans and Papyrus some privacy. Before I knew it, I was in a part of the city I’d never seen before.

Since I hadn’t been paying attention to where I was going, I was sort of lost, and everything was dark and creepy. Looking at the sun, in an hour or so it was going to set, and I didn’t want to be gone that long. Only enough time for the skeletons to finish whatever they needed to.

I glanced around. Where was I?

A bit further down the street, I saw a man leaning against a building. He looked a little sketchy, but I figured I might as well ask him for directions. Slowly, I began walking over to him. He looked like he was asleep, and if he was, I didn’t want to wake him.

“Um… excuse me… sir?” I quietly said. He didn’t move.

Guess he’s asleep, I thought. I began walking away, searching for a different person to ask for help, or a map or a sign or something.

Suddenly, I felt something grab me from behind.

I whirled around, ready to act.

The man was holding onto my arm with a firm grasp. “Heh,” he smirked. I could smell smoke on his breath. I wrinkled my nose.

“What’s your name?” He asked gently, clearly feigning innocence. “And what’s a pretty little thing like you doing down here?” He grinned, taking a good look at my face. His grin faded, then quickly reappeared as he realized something. “Wait a minute…”

He turned around, shouting into a nearby road. “Hey! Ricky! Get over here!”

Another man who I presumed was Ricky came around the corner. He looked to only be about my age. He wore an orange T-shirt, black shorts, and he had seriously curly hair. His skin was tan, and black and white sneakers topped it all off.

“What?” Ricky asked. He looked at me. “Aw, come on, Mal, this is the fourth one today!” He rolled his eyes. “Can’t we just go find the girl herself?”

Mal shoved me forward, still gripping my arm (which was starting to get painful), so Ricky could see me properly. Ricky took one look, then realized who I was.

“I’ll be darned, Mal… you got lucky for once,” he said, smirking.

Grinning, Mal turned away from Ricky. “Get Dia. This one’s gonna be big.”

Before I could even react, Mal was driving a stolen police car, wearing a stolen police uniform, and reminding the woman, who I found out was Dia, of the ‘script.’ Ricky sat in the backseat with me. I had stopped trying to escape a while back. The first time I tried, Ricky caught me and let me off with a warning, but the second time, Mal threatened me with a knife and probably would’ve cut me if Dia hadn’t shown up and said they’d need me in good shape. Afterward, Mal gave me a look that told me the next time, he wouldn’t let Dia stop him.

We arrived at Sans and Papyrus’s house, and the bad feeling in my gut got even worse than it already was. I could only watch as Dia, Mel, and Ricky left the car. Ricky grabbed a camera from the trunk, Mel and Dia broke down the door, and then I couldn’t see anything but Ricky’s back as he filmed whatever was going on in there.

A short while passed, and the three ran back out of the house. Ricky put back the camera, taking the tape from it and bringing a computer out, and as Mel hit the gas, I saw a face staring the three down as they left.

“SANS!” I screamed. Ricky instantly grabbed me and clasped his hand over my mouth. I shoved him off and pounded on the window, yelling his name again and again.

Sans saw me right as Ricky dragged me backward and the car sped away. Even after the car picked up speed, I saw Sans chasing the car until I couldn’t see him anymore.

Mel picked up a walkie-talkie and spoke into it. “I’m near the corner of 4th and Donovan Street, there’s an aggressive monster chasing my vehicle.”

Static came through, and a voice I couldn’t understand. Mel seemed to not care and put the walkie-talkie back down.

The car sped along, and I stared out the window, ignoring the three. I didn’t even realize it when we reached the destination. Who knows how long it had been.

We were at some abandoned warehouse, with tons of cars, trucks, every type of vehicle possible inside. I even saw a couple of limos.

Mel didn’t waste any time. He parked the police car somewhat messily and got out, Dia following his lead. They stripped off their uniforms, revealing their old clothes underneath. Ricky shoved me out, forcing me towards a regular dark blue Honda. We climbed in, and I went back into my daydreaming state.

A short time later, we were at an out of town police station. I began figuring out where this was going… they had posed as fake officers and were now reporting a crime. Where that was going, I wasn’t sure… but I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be good.

“Officer, help! We were just attacked by a monster!” Dia leaned against the counter, acting scared. “We’re making a short film about a kidnapped child, and a skeleton monster agreed to play a small role. Out of nowhere, another monster assaulted us!”

The lady sitting at the desk nodded and typed something down on a computer. “What’s the address you were at?”

Mel answered, “339 Donovan Street,”

As the lady began to leave, most likely to get an officer or something to help, I began to yell out, trying to stop her, but Ricky dug something sharp subtly into my side. Looking down, I saw it was a pocket knife. I instantly closed my mouth, afraid of what Ricky could do with that thing.

Turning around, the woman asked, “Did one of you say something?”

Ricky pushed the knife a little closer to my side, and I shook my head.

The woman turned back around and left the room. A minute later, she came back with a male police officer, and I heard cars speeding away outside.

As the lady sat back at her desk, the officer came up to us. “Come this way, please,” he said, gesturing to follow him.

Ricky slipped the pocket knife away, dragging me behind the officer and into an interrogation room.

So, that's it for now. Chapter 10 I don't really have many details planned out for, but here are the things you can prepare yourself for in future chapters: A definite new ship is going to pop up sometime soon, D.R.A.K.E. gets even worse, Sans might be in a bit of trouble, and possibly a double agent... *spooky music plays*
Until the next chapter, CatKeeper out~

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ooh intrigue!! who are these

ooh intrigue!! who are these people? DRAKE operatives or bounty hunter ish people? 

CC: "I began to yell out" seems to imply that Frisk actually did get a significant amount of yelling out. At least, it does to me... might want to include a "I tried to yell" or some such. 

Keep writing!


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

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