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Aftertale: Sans & Frisk (Chapters 4 AND 5! Bonus!)

Aftertale: Sans & Frisk (Chapters 4 AND 5! Bonus!)

Posted August 31st, 2018 by CatKeeper

by CatKeeper
in My Little Fantasy Worlds

Yayyyyy Chapter 4

Yeah, I got nothing. So, these two I got done with really fast, so I put two chapters in one! Double the story for the price of one! Ah hahahahahahaha okay CatKeeper that's enough no one likes your weird jokes.

So, in these chapters, Sans and Papyrus learn some crazy information, Sans vanishes for no reason (hint hint *cough*there's totally a reason *cough*), a new character appears, and something weird happens to Sans (along with everything else... poor Sans)...

Anyways, here you go: 




Inside the library, Papyrus and I borrowed one of the computers. I searched up D.R.A.K.E., then clicked on the first link that popped up.

The website explained that D.R.A.K.E. wasn’t some helpful organization about taking care of people and the world. D.R.A.K.E. was formed almost the day monsters arrived on the surface, by a group of people who wanted to get rid of the monsters again. D.R.A.K.E. didn’t stand for whatever Myers had told us. It stood for SenD MonsteRs BAcK UndEr.

“THAT’S NOT EVEN HOW ACRONYMS WORK!” Papyrus shrieked, upon seeing the acronym, causing a couple distasteful looks from the other people in the library.

“Shush, Pap. I know.” I scrolled through the website more.

Long story short, Myers was this Drake guy’s second-in-power. His assistant. Whatever you want to call it. But this didn’t sound good.

Papyrus looked at me with concern filling his eyes. “WHY WOULD THAT WOMAN LIE TO US?” He asked.

I thought this over for a moment. “I don’t know what she’s doing… but the kid might be in danger! C’mon, Pap!” I grabbed Pap’s hand and teleported us to our house.

Outside, we looked through the window. Our house wasn’t super soundproof, so by concentrating and being really quiet, we could hear what was going on.


I looked him dead in the eye sockets. “The kiddo might be in trouble. Do you want her to get hurt?”


“Okay. C’mon.”

I listened in.

“...and Sans and Papyrus have been my friends for a while,” Frisk was saying.

“Who are your parents?” Myers asked her. I became nervous, wary of where this was going.

Frisk bit her lip. “King Asgore and Queen Toriel,” she replied.

“They…” Myers paused. “They aren’t your real parents, are they?”

“...no,” Frisk answered, looking at her lap.

“Does it bother you that both of the skeletons appear to be male?”

I felt my eyes widen. Where was this jerk going? If she was going where I thought she was, nothing was gonna end well for her. I was gonna give her one of the baddest times I’ve ever given anyone.

Frisk became alert. “What?” She asked, shocked.

“I mean, are you comfortable with living with two male persons?”

I scowled. She was going there.

“No! Sans, Papyrus and I are really close… there’s nothing… like that at all.” Frisk slowly looked back down at her lap again.

“So you’re that close, huh.” Myers wrote everything down.

“That’s… no… I didn’t mean… not like that!” Frisk stuttered. She was clearly scared.

Only my sense of logic was holding me back from charging in there and taking that evil woman down.

“You sound like you’re trying to hide something,” Myers said, eyeing the kid suspiciously.

“No! Nothing!” Frisk looked up at Myers, Determination burning in her gaze. “We are just friends.” She said.

Something about that made me want to leave. I couldn’t stay here. I didn’t know why, but I wanted nothing more than to leave at that moment. My magic took over, and before I knew it, I was back in the park.

Papyrus is going to wonder where I went, I thought.

I sat down underneath a tree. My usual smile faded. I didn’t even know how I’d kept it up for this long.

I pulled out my cell and called Mettaton again.

“Yes, darling?”

“Hey, Mettaton. It’s Sans again.”

“Yes, Sans? Anything wrong? You sound sad, darling…”

I sighed. “Don’t come to our house, okay? Forget I ever said anything.”

“Sans, what-”

Mettaton barely even got a chance to start his sentence. I hung up before he could.

I sighed again, looking up at the cloudless sky. It’s a beautiful day outside…  my mind began. Birds are singing… flowers are blooming… This was my usual speech for whenever I needed to threaten someone, or just whenever it was really nice outside.

Out of nowhere, a memory flashed inside of my head.

Frisk. Staring me down, with a knife in her right hand.

I felt nothing but rage for this child. She had done something awful. I wasn’t sure what at the time, but she needed to go.

“It’s a beautiful day outside,” I said. “Birds are singing, flowers are blooming…” My left eye flared blue, while my right eye went dark. “On days like these…”

Frisk raised her knife.

“Kids like you…” I continued.

She charged. I simply stepped out of the way.

“Should be BURNING in HELL.” I growled.

Before I knew it, I had used an attack, and Frisk’s SOUL shattered before me.

I gasped and snapped out of the memory.

What… was that? I thought. I didn’t remember ever doing anything like it, or Frisk ever doing something… well, not just something. Trying to kill me.

I stood up and paced around the park. I rubbed my temples. As quickly as it came on, the memory was fading. Soon, I knew, all I’d have left of it was the memory that I had a weird memory.

I wondered what would happen if I tried saying that five times fast.

Pacing more, I realized Papyrus would be wondering where I was for sure now, and if the kiddo’s little chat was over, she’d be wondering too. I’d be in some serious hot water with both of them if I didn’t get back soon.

However, I wasn’t in any rush to get back to the house. So I didn’t take a shortcut. Even though the sun was beginning to set, and Papyrus would be more curious the longer I was gone. That meant more questions, more talking, more explaining. And I didn’t want to do that.

But I walked anyway.




Almost instantly after Ms. Myers left, Papyrus knocked on the door. “HELLO?” He called.

I opened the door for him. “Hey, Papyrus. Ms. Myers just left, so come on back in.” I looked behind Papyrus and saw nothing. “Papyrus…? Where’s Sans?”


I gulped. “Um… about where in the conversation did he leave?”


I considered this. Why would Sans leave when I said that? What about that was special? Of course Sans and I were friends, I’d known him for three years and we barely got into any arguments. Mostly they were about whether Sans was cheating on a video game or not.

“FRISK? HUMAN?” Papyrus startled me out of my thoughts. “WE SHOULD GO FIND SANS, SHOULD WE NOT?”

“Oh! Yeah, of course, Papyrus,” I replied.

We headed out, considering where Sans could’ve ended up. I couldn’t think of any places, and neither could Papyrus, so we decided to split up. Papyrus went west, while I headed east.

After walking a block, I ran into a girl. She wore a nice blue blouse and jeans full of holes. Dirty blonde hair covered her head, and bright blue eyes complimented that. On her feet were a stylish pair of flip-flops, to top the look off.

She was on her phone when I passed her, and I was looking in the opposite direction, so we bumped into each other. “Oh! Sorry!” I quickly said, not wanting to have hurt her. I then quickly regretted bumping into her at all, because sometimes, when people see me, they want an autograph (if they support monsters) or they act rude to me (if they don’t like monsters).

“No problem. It was my fault for not looking where I was going,” she said. Looking more at my features, a large amount of realization came over her face. “Wait… you’re Frisk!” She said.

“Uh… yeah… hi?” I shyly said, not wanting to draw attention.

“It’s so awesome that you brought the monsters above ground again! From what I’ve heard, it’s really unfair that the monsters were sealed underground in the first place… and those people who hate them are the worst.”

I was finally talking to someone who didn’t want my autograph or tried to hit me the second they realized who I am! I started to warm up to her.

“I’m Jenna,” the girl said. “It’s really cool to be seeing you in person… Ooh! Look at this!” Jenna paused, then concentrated. A yellow SOUL floated out of her body, then hovered in front of her. “I enrolled in Queen Toriel’s new Magic class at school… She said my SOUL was…”

“Justice!” I cut in, remembering the SOUL colors. “That’s really cool.”

“Yeah, it was Justice. It sounded accurate to me. I hate bullies and mean people.”

“That’s awesome. I’m not in the school yet, I’m going to start next year.” I suddenly remembered why I was here in the first place. “Um, you haven’t happened to see a short skeleton wearing a blue hoodie around here, have you?”

Jenna thought for a moment. “Oh, yeah, actually!”

“Really? Where?”

“Um, back a couple blocks. I think he was heading out of the park.”

“Wow, thanks! I gotta go, but it was great meeting you. Um, I’m staying with two skeletons right now, a couple of blocks down the street. If you want to come by anytime, feel free!”

“Wow, thanks! Nice meeting you too!” Jenna waved as I hurried along down the street, and I waved back, then focused ahead of me. There were a few people in front of me, so I couldn’t see if Sans was in the crowd.

I didn’t see Sans in the crowd, nor behind it. However, as I walked along more, I noticed a blue hoodie on the other side of the street. Sure enough, there was a skeleton wearing it.

Slipping to the other side, I crept up behind Sans and quickly, but gently, nudged him with my hands.

“Wha-who-” Sans whirled around, tense. When he realized it was just me, he relaxed a bit. I grinned. “Kid… what’re you doing here? What happened with that Myers woman?”

I frowned. “Sans, I know you listened to the conversation.”

“Ahh, I wish I’d warned Pap not to tell you…” Sans muttered, mostly to himself, but I still picked up on it.

“Can I just ask… why’d you vanish on Papyrus? He was confused, so you clearly left without warning.”

Sans rubbed the back of his skull. “I’d rather not say…”

“Sans, tell me.”

“Look, kid, I don’t quite know myself. I’ve just been feeling… off lately.”

I bit my lip. “What do you mean?”

“I… I’m not sure.” Sans took a breath. “Something’s just wrong somehow.”

I could tell he really was telling the truth this time. “Alright.” I glanced around. “Papyrus is worried about you… c’mon.” I grabbed his wrist and started pulling him towards their house.

Yayyyyy another bit of weird from my strange imagination
CatKeeper out~

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(and the tension

(and the tension growwwws)

Can I just congratulate you on Papyrus yelling "THAT'S NOT HOW ACRONYMS WORK" at the library? its just such a papyrus thing to do my goodness.


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Posted by *Snow* on Fri, 08/31/2018 - 17:17
Thank you! I'm sure you know

Thank you! I'm sure you know Papyrus is such a fun character to portray

Just think about it: Loud voice, spaghetti, 0% puns, everything about him makes it hilarious


"Mew, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" -My cat, Luna

Posted by CatKeeper on Sat, 09/01/2018 - 14:12

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