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Alone In the Middle(Ch.1)

Alone In the Middle(Ch.1)

Posted June 14th, 2007 by aidaguhlin

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by Solaña
in World of Books

“Ewwww!” My sister wrinkled her nose. “That is so-” “Disgusting!” That was my sister's twin sister. They often finish their sentences for each other. “What? We don't see anything gross about Suki!” That was my little brother. “Yeah! Suki is awesome!” That was my little brother's twin. They often agree that things that are weird and gross, are totally awesome. Confused? Maybe I should explain. I am Lisa Jenkins. My older sisters? They're 15-year old twins. My little brothers? They're 7-year old twins. Both are identical. Now you're probably waiting to hear about my twin. Well, I don't have one. In case you didn't figure it out, my family has five kids, and I'm the middle. Now let me explain. My mom was pregnant three years after she was married. That was with Ann and Anna. They are now fashion divas, completely popular, and extremely smart. Then, when they were three, I was born. My parents must have been so happy, because I was born alone. After all, who needs another set of twins, when you have a pair of three year olds? Then, when I was five and the divas were eight, along came Jim and Jacob( Jimmy and Jake, actually).

Now, here I was, standing between the divas and the monsters. The monsters had an extremely muddy toad, and were extremely muddy themselves. This, of course lead the divas to crinkle their noses and go “Ewwww!” Now, my sister's were supposed to be watching us for three bucks an hour, each, but they had been working hard on their nails. I was doing homework, and the monsters were clearly being- well, gross! But mom and dad would be home in two hours, during which my sisters wouldn't finish until twenty minutes till. They would freak, trying to clean the mess Jimmy and Jake made and clean them up too. Soon, they would turn to me. They would beg me to wash Jimmy and Jake and put them to bed(something that should've been done an hour before.) I would oblige, they would finish, and so would I. Mom and dad would come home to find the house nice and clean, and would reward the divas with fifteen dollars each. Would my sisters come to me secretly and pay me a share of what I deserved? Nope. I'd be shunned, as if the divas had been working diligently on their job. So I decide to skip the worry this time and ushered my brothers to the bathroom, grabbed their toad(I'd built an immunity to warts), found a tank, dropped the toad in, bathed Jimmy and Jake, and put them to bed.

I had been working on my homework when my parents came in. The divas, seeing I had done the work, had started on their hair, but stopped when they heard the door slam. My parents would reward them and would to come tell me I'd have to be in bed in twenty minutes. The divas couldn't believe how easy it had been. But before my parents could even dole out the cash, a toad hopped across the foyer. Yes, it was Suki the toad. How she got out, I have no idea. But when the divas saw that toad, they freaked. They ran into their room and shut the door. My mom started shouting for dad to get rid of it(“Get it Arthur! No- there!”) My dad started chasing after Suki, and all the screaming woke up the monsters, and when they saw they situation, they started shouting “Don't hurt her dad! Don't hurt her!” And I was left standing there, watching the most craziest situation I had seen from my family yet.(Covered in pie at school, asleep in the back of a hay truck and covered in mud, hiding from a bear. Do not ask. You do not want to know!) But here we were, in a now muddy foyer, two screaming divas, two crazy, awake monsters, one now dirty dad, and a mom who was now on top of a chair. And me? I had gone to my room. I was going to bed. I did not want to get blamed for this.

“I still can't believe that you simply went to bed during that!” said Jamalee(Jamie), laughingly. “Yeah. Honestly, Lise, how could you have just went to bed?!” That was Melody. She was laughing so hard, her books had fallen, and was struggling to pick them up without dropping them all over again. They were talking about how I had completely ignored last night's situation. They loved hearing the situations my family got into, and how I always ended up handling them. They couldn't believe that I let my family fly solo. “Well, I didn't want to have to watch my father jump around after that toad. Honestly, watching him hop around like that, just missing Suki the toad, was not the most greatest thing to watch. I mean, he would just miss her. I probably could've gone on for hours!” As it turned out, my dad managed to catch Suki when she accidentally hopped into a vase. But the monsters did not want to go to bed. The divas refused to come out of their room and didn't even want to open the door.(Unlike me, they haven't built an immunity to warts. They had never played with the monsters in their life.) The monsters kept thinking that dad somehow hurt Suki, and wouldn't go to bed until mom and dad used what they call last resort. It's when they actually threaten to take away an allowance or something. I was “asleep” twenty minutes before my actual bedtime. My parents were so tired, they actually forgot about me. I hadn't even spoken to them this morning. I'd gotten up really early, had my breakfast and was out the door before 7:20, which is when my dad gets up for work.

“Oh look! It's Kevin Steeler! Oh, he is so cool! And sooooo handsome!” Melody said. “I know. And he is sooooo sweet." Jamie and Melody sighed in unison. I merely rolled my eyes. Unlike me, my friends were girly-girls who looked up to my twin sisters and were boy crazy. Also, were not plagued with bad looks. Jamie's jet black hair was cut short under her ears with a slight, natural wave. Her pretty, royal blue eyes were placed perfectly on her face and her nose was dainty, with a slight upward curve. Jamie also had no freckles whatsoever and her skin looked like polished china.

Melody, on the other hand, was a very dainty looking girl with long blond hair that went past her waist. Unlike Jamie, she was very tan, had brown eyes and an extremely freckled nose, freckles that were so small, they might have well not have be there. Melody was very petite, and used this advantage to act as if she needed a guy's help with everything she needed, when in fact, she was very strong.

She had four older brothers who fought a lot with each other. Melody was often there to break it up. Her parents died when she was nine and her oldest brother was eighteen. Since he could hold down a job and was at the top of his class, the social workers gave it a try. Melody's parents had been very rich, as they had been the founders of a large company. Her parents had spoiled her and her brothers did the same. But now the brother who had been taking care of his siblings had moved out and was now married. His second brother, now nineteen, watched over his seventeen and fifteen year old brothers and Melody.

Jamie's past is quite different. Her family is just as rich as Melody's, but it ends there. Jamie is an only child with two loving parents. She is very smart, takes violin, piano, dance and singing lessons. She is very busy, like her parents, but they always find time to have dinner together.
Jamie and Melody both get A's and B's in normal classes.Me on the other hand, well, I get straight A's in Pre-Ap Math and English and am in Enriched Reading. But just because I'm smart like my friends, doesn't mean that my looks are as good as theirs. I have long, heavy plain brown hair that refuses to let me do anything with it, and I have glasses that look really weird. They're bright green with squiggles on the side. They looked cool when I got them, but everyone said it went perfect with the name bookworm because of the color and squiggles and now I hate them. Unlike my sisters, who tan perfectly, I am dark, but my tan lines are all wrong. My sisters are extremely skinny while I have what my mom calls an hour glass figure. That'd be great, but while my sisters can get more stylish clothes, I have to get clothes from places that sell okay stuff, but are never like what my sisters have. One of the few good things about me is that my hair is healthy and I look okay without glasses and I don't get a lot of pimples. My sisters constantly worry about zits. But the worst is that grades seventh through tenth grade and of course, my sisters are in the tenth grade. This probably should have boosted me to the top, but, my sisters want nothing to do with me. They say hi and don't shun me, but they're in a perfect cycle of popularity. No one has stopped it, and probably never will. They don't need me hanging along, trying to be popular. So I don't bother them. Besides, Jamie and Melody are pretty popular. But what surprises most people is that I'm the ring leader. I'm always the one to stick up for them. But to get back to the boy control.

"You know what?" Melody said when they were done drooling. "I heard that Kevin Steeler likes a girl!" Jamie squealed. "Get out! Who is it?" "I don't know." she replied."All I know is that it's a girl he's liked for a while." Then they both turned and stared at me. I couldn't help but blush. I just happen to be friends with Kevin. I had a feeling they'd want me to find out who the mystery girl was. " You guys, Kevin is not going to tell me. I'm a girl, the gender prone to gossip. He'll know that y'all sent me and will refuse to say." Melody looked at me pleadingly. "Please Lisa. We swear we won't tell a soul!" She tossed her hair and put her right hand over her heart. Jamie did the same. It was getting hard to refuse. "You guys..." I couldn't say no any longer. They were in luck. The mystery of who Kevin Steeler liked was about to be solved.

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Posted by Rosalie on Fri, 06/15/2007 - 13:46
Wow! I think I'm gonna like

Wow! I think I'm gonna like this one. I have to take a break and get my eyes screwed in right. I've been on for hours!

Posted by Nathan on Wed, 06/27/2007 - 17:44
I have never seen this

I have never seen this before but after Nathan put up the review, I wanted to check it out and I'm into it! Going to the Ch.2!

Posted by Malika on Wed, 06/27/2007 - 21:29


Posted by Rosalie on Wed, 06/27/2007 - 21:39
I have never seen this

I have never seen this before (why is that?) but after Nathan put up the review, I wanted to check it out and I practically LOVE it, just like Malika said! This is a great story, makes me really intrested into what's going to happen next! Lovely, and I want more, Rosa!

Posted by Susmi on Thu, 06/28/2007 - 02:50
I love this! "Now remember,

I love this!

"Now remember, don't stick anything smaller then your elbow in your ear!" ~my grandpa to me and my brothers

Posted by Kate on Wed, 05/07/2008 - 17:09
Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


"I'll never tell. You know that. I'll threaten, but never tell." My best friend, "Doe"

Posted by Solaña on Wed, 05/07/2008 - 19:58
You probably will not see

You probably will not see this, but could you repair this story. It's all messed up and I havn't read it in a year.  Or if there's a link to order the book that would be good. 

Posted by Nathan on Sat, 08/23/2008 - 09:55
Yeah, I know, I need to fix

Yeah, I know, I need to fix it. But the book won't be messed up and I'll put a link when I can.





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Posted by Dragonfly on Sat, 08/23/2008 - 12:17
Ok, thanks

Ok, thanks

Posted by Nathan on Sat, 08/23/2008 - 16:02
I really like it! But you

I really like it! But you could use some paragraph fixing and stuff. Oh, wait!!! This was the book that got published!!! I guess it got fixed now, lol!!!! CONGRATS-AGAIN!!!

Posted by E on Tue, 10/21/2008 - 10:41

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