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Among Us 4

Among Us 4

Posted May 11th, 2021 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)


 Hi, I am White. We just started a new game at Polus. I am a crewmate.  I do the key task and exit the ship. I then head over to Lab. After I do the Temperature re-adjusting I head down to Specimen Room. I begin the long task of starting to reactor. In the middle of the task Green calls an emergency meeting. I hope it saves progress. Anyway Pink is dead and Green said Red was standing near the body waiting for someone to report so he could kill them. Red denied it all of course. Personally I am suspicious of Orange because He peeked into security. Then when no one was in there he ran at me. That was when the emergency meeting was called. Since I don’t have much evidence I do not tell anyone else. I will continue my investigation.  I vote Red because Green had some good evidence. Wait, Red just said he didn’t know how to report a body and he was trying to figure it out. Drat, I feel sorry. He was not an imposter. I go to just outside of office to do a node. Man I hate these. I always fail so many times that people become suspicious of me and boot me. Drat, I failed again. --Many hours later--Yes! I did it! I finished it. O.k. now I go to lab and do that switch task. After that I go and finish the reactor task. Next I go to electrical to fix the lights because they were sabotaged. I was the only one there. Black came in as I fixed it. I left and found Cyan’s body. I report it and say it was in electrical. I also say that black came in without reporting the body. Black denied it but we booted him. He was an imposter. Next the stabilizers are sabotaged and we fix them. Next all the doors are closed. I go around and fix to doors.  After that I quickly fix the lights I hurry and report a body that I saw Blue kill. Blue was ejected and was an imposter. Then I went to O2 and emptied the garbage. Then I saw a body in electrical and reported it. No one was near so we skipped. We finish fixing the stabilizers. Next yellow calls a meeting and said it was Green. We booted yellow but he was not an imposter. Next we boot Green and he was an imposter. B________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  Hi, I am White again. We just started another game of Among Us, but this time it is at Skield. I am an imposter. I head down to admin to fake the swipe card task. There are seven other people there so I kill Blue. Then I hold really still. Green reports the body. He said he was suspicious of Red, who was the other imposter. I said I would go with him and if I died he was an imposter. That way we can get some double kills and we both were safe. We head over to weapons and get a kill. We vent to navigation. Next we go to admin were Pink, Green and Yellow are. We fake tasks and Pink leaves with Yellow. We don’t kill Green and we leave. Green follows us around the map. We call an emergency meeting and say that Green was following us. He is not booted. Next we go to communications. We kill two more people.  Next we go to med bay and see Pink scan. We kill her. Next we go to security. We are just about to kill Yellow, Green reports a body. There is Yellow, Green, Orange and Red and I. No one is booted. We need to get one more kill. Red and I go to electrical and kill Orange. We win the game.


 Hi I’m White, (I’m sure you know me) we just started a new game of among us at Skield. I am a crewmate.  I head down to storage then over to electrical. In electrical I do the fix wires task and the calibrate disrupter task. I hate this task because if you get the third one wrong you have to start over. After I waste so much time failing on that task I head over to security. I look on cams on see Red go into admin and Blue go into navigation. Red comes out with Green. I head next door to reactor when it is sabotaged. After we fix it I head over to admin. Blue comes in and vents in the corner. Then he pops up and stands next to the door as I try to call a meeting. He kills me. Lucky for him nobody was on cams. I float to navigation. There is a dead body there. I should have known. Blue went in and never came out. Then I saw him outside of communications. Drat I should have known. Anyway I float around and see Green kill yellow. Green then reports the body. The meeting seems to take forever and they decide it was a self-report. They boot Green. He was an imposter.  I float after Blue because my tasks are done. I see him kill then report the body. He said it was Red. Red was booted and then Black calls a meeting and says that it is Blue because he falsely accused Red. Blue says that He saw Red near but they boot him and win the game. 


Hi I’m White, (I’m sure you know me) we just started a new game of among us at Skield. (Yet again) I am an imposter. Red (the other imposter) calls a meeting to say,

 “Hi everyone as you now know I am Red. I do not like to be the imposter so I just want to say-I am the imposter. Please vote me off. I will not tell who the imposter is but I will set up opportunities for him to get kills that he would not normally get. Please vote me off because I don’t like to be the imposter. Thanks.”  – Love red

What?! What kind of imposter does that to the other imposter?! How stupid is that?! -- Well I just have to get over it. Now I’m in electrical with Green. He is about to leave. The door closed! Thank you! Kill him and vent to security. Go to cameras. Kill Blue when he comes in to security and vent away. Sabotage reactor and kill lime. Vent to med bay. Kill cyan. Leave and kill yellow. Two more to go. They fixed reactor and reported Lime. They boot black. I kill Pink and win the game. (That is what I call a-killing-spree


          Hi I’m Brown, (I’m sure you know me) we just started a new game of among us at Skield. (Yet again) I am a Crewmate. First I call a meeting to say that I have med bay scan. Next I head there and scan. Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Black saw me. I am safe. Then I head down to electrical and do the wires. Then I go to storage and do the wires. Next I go to weapons, see Red do the asteroids, and do the wires. Then I scurry down to O2 and empty the garages. Out of the corner of my eye I see blood. I hurry over and barely see green vent after killing Yellow.  I report the body and get Green booted. Then I go to storage and do the garbage dump task. Red saw me. A dead body is reported and I say that I will stick with Red since I know he is safe. I got to reactor and Red and I stand over each other. Pink comes in and kills me. Red reports the body and gets Pink Booted. We win the game.  


 Hi I’m White, (I’m sure you know me) we just started a new game of among us at Skield. (Yet again) I am a crewmate. I first head down to storage and do the fill the can with gas task. Then I go to electrical. I fix the wires. Next I align the engines and head up to upper engines. I fill the tank with gas and align it. Then I go back to storage and fill the can again. I get locked in there but make it out alive. After I fill the bottom tank with gas I go to security. When I get on I see Black dead in front of admin. I run and report it. Next I say where it is and tell everyone that it was on cams. No one was near so we skip. I go and clean out the filters in O2. I see Red do the asteroid task in weapons. I go up and do it. Red saw me. We stick together and head on over to security. We watch and watch with no activity. Then Blue walks to med bay. We hurry over and see him to the scan. It seems like he wants to be suspicious but he had this task and he didn’t want anybody to see him, but we did. Anyway Red and I go back to security. We both have our tasks done. We see Brown leave navigations. Suddenly we win by tasks. Pink and Orange were imposter. Red Green and Yellow and I were the only living Crewmates. Orange and Pink had killed the rest.


Hi, I’m White, (I’m sure you know me) we just started a new game of among us at Skield. (Yet again) I am an imposter.  First I head with Green to electrical. I decide not to kill him and go with him to reactor. Then we go to med-bay were we report a body. Green defends me and other imposter-Black-is ejected. People trust me. I follow Red to med-bay and watch him scan. Then I kill him. I vent to security. After a while ofwaiting, Blue comes in. I kill him and vent to electrical. After a longer period of time, Yellow comes in. I kill her and leave by the door. As soon as I get to navigation someone reports a body. He said it was in med-bay. (Gosh, I know nothing about that) Anyway they decide it is Purple. After that I got to O2 and kill Orange. Then I go to weapons and fake a task. Then someone reports a body. Green, Brown, and I are left. They skip. Next, I sabotage reactor and we all go to fix it. I kill Green and win.


            Hi, I’m White, (We have met) and we just started a game on Among Us at The Airship. I’m a crewmate. The map is so big. I always get lost. I first go to the main hall to take a shower. I love this task. Then I go to Electrical. I hate electrical because I always die. In electrical, I die. Like normal. Stupid purple. I float around as a ghost for a while and then leave the game when someone reports my body.

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These are very entertaining!

These are very entertaining! Just out of curiosity, are you retelling Among Us tales that have happened to you or making them up?


Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


Posted by Tía Snow on Tue, 05/11/2021 - 18:11
Can I make a series inspired

Can I make a series inspired by this? I really like it!

Posted by Theresia on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 03:29
I make it up. If you want me

I make it up. If you want me to I can write real expiriances. I have some odd ones. 


You can do this too Theresia

Posted by Ryoko on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 09:56

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