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Ancestry of fire: Chapter 4

Ancestry of fire: Chapter 4

Posted December 23rd, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

Father stood on the stairs of the marble platform proudly, his golden cloak trailing behind him. His crimson eyes bore into my own fiercely. James looked as if it took all his willpower not to jump up in excitement. I began stepping towards the platform, fixing my stride to a pleasant walk as if I was as cool and collected as they thought me to be.


As I walked, the room fell into an intimidating silent. Why, you could have heard a pin drop! My heels clacked on the marble stairs, and there I stood before my father.His cold gaze sent many unpleasant chills up my spine. However, I said nothing and awaited my misery.


"Prince William Blackrose, tonight, you shall be given the most important and powerful weapon in a grim reaper's life. With such power, of course, comes responsibility. Do you swear, by the grim reaper's code, that you shall value human life?"


"I swear."


"And do you swear to take human life only when it is necessary and never kill without good reason?" I hung my head.


"I swear..." Father let out a hearty chuckle and held out a hand, for I had kneeled before him.


"Then stand, son, and call upon your scythe!" Loud cheer echoed throughout the room and I stood up, slightly shaken and disgusted. I let a forced smile creep unto my face as I turned round to face the crowd. With my head held high, I held out a hand and recited the words I had been taught all my life:


"Oh good moon, glow red, light the way, lost in the snow..." One by one, the windows slammed open, startling the crowd and letting in the cold wind. I continued. "The wind shall blow, but you, my lovely moon, shan't perish..."  The wind picked up and whistled through the room. I swallowed and shut my eyes tight. " Give to me what belongs to me, the dark, cold death scythe!"


The room was agonizingly silent. The wind had started blowing pleasantly once more. I stood there for what felt like 30 minutes, and then the people had started to whisper and shot me pitying, dark or mocking glances. Father's patience, it seemed, was wearing thin.


And then the lights went out, and panicked cries rang throughout the area. Those who could see in the dark or emitted any sort of light were soon crowded around. Here in the shadow realm, darkness was never a good sign.


"Calm yourselves everyone!I'm sure-" The moon outside had slowly began to turn red, and I was sure it hadn't just attracted my attention alone, for father had cut himself off just to stare in wonder like the rest. The moon turning red could only mean-


"Look! It's a scythe!" A man pointed out. He was correct; there flew in the glittering blade, voices chattering away in wonder and excitement. None could see the color, for the moon engulfed it in darkness. And then as soon as it had come, the lights turned back on and the moon glowed it's usual silver. All eyes had fell on the scythe, which was as black as the darkest night. It flew into my outstretched arms, and lay still. I stroked the cold iron in wonder.


"Oh my, the prophecy has been fulfilled!" A vice called from the back. Soon whispers filled the room, all eyes on me and the scythe. 


"Silence!" Father called,"As it seems, my son is the prince of darkness. The only one whom can take lives when it is time for death. Why, he is death himself! " Gasps and worried glances were exchanged. 


"And now, everyone! It is time for the prince to choose a wife!" The black winged faerie pointed out. I glared at it intensely. The worry seemed to flee the features of the people and excitement replaced it. My father grinned in satisfaction.


"Yes, everyone! Let us forget the past mistakes of my son." He sneaked a glance at me, and I hung my head ever so lower. "For tonight, he shall choose a wife from these fine women." A row of beautiful features filled my vision. 


"Whom do you choose, son?" I glanced around the room for some form of escape, and my eyes fell on the familiar red cloak.


"Her! I choose her!"

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