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Ancestry of fire chapter 5

Ancestry of fire chapter 5

Posted December 26th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

"There was once a good daughter, a wonderful daughter,

No one to understand her darkest, deepest desire

Can't you see the darkness in her heart?

Oh how blind they were


But it was soon revealed,

She wished to harm mortality

Perhaps more than met the eye,

She had no taste for caring nor love


She wanted all, everything,

Tempting them to follow their desires,

But couldn't they see? See the pain inside her red-stricken bed?

Oh, how blind I really was.


My daughter, my wonderful daughter,

I saw no pain inside of you,

But that mask, that mask you wore,

Oh how it must have pained you so


No matter now, it's passed

You suffer inside your mind

Thought none loved you no more,

And I played play pretend


Oh, how darkness finds its core inside the heart,

I thought it was for the best,

But, oh, how blind I was

To YOUR deepest desire


To be loved, I knew the realm,

You did not, oh my girl

You shall never forgive me,

I know, the truth hits hard


You saw, from our home,

How mortals cared

You wanted it all, 

To taste the love, to take it all away


They came, here they came,

To banish you for something you never tasted,

Inside of your heart

Darkness found its way instead of love


You shan't come back, oh no,

I can't take back what i have lost,

The wonderful, good daughter,

Is now gone for all time


You shall never value something,

That appears so, so simple,

And yet when it is lost,

It scars you forever."








"Mistress, may I protest against the banishment of Carlson?" The women, whom sat on her dark throne, examining her nails casually, sneered at the creature. Her eyes glowed a sinister red, falling on the cowering creature. The winged monster, with its beady eyes and body coated in rough fur, stared with hopeful eyes. A grin found its way onto the women's lips.


"Why, my darling critter..." She stood, wearing the same sinister expression, and lifted the creature by its wings. It flailed about, crying out for mercy. A chuckle escaped the womens lips, as if amused. "Why, don't just stand there, bring me this...Carlson." Licking her lips, she put down the creature, which ran off immediately, and reseated back on her throne. The grin never left her face as she awaited her culprit.


Her loyal servant, Rozul, dragged in the man known as Carlson. He had a dark complexion, bright hazel eyes and a bald head. On his arms were what appeared to be handcuffs, lit by a shock of silver. He did not resist and let the demon bring him unto his knees. The women chuckled wryly, despite herself.


"Ah, Carlson. or should I say....Eremiel.She hissed, as if the name was poison on her tongue. A weak chuckle escaped Carlson, however his was not of amusement. It was of disappointment and loss of hope. He heaved a sigh, as if in the depths of despair. 


" Dumaya. It has been a while, sister." 


"Do not call me by that...that name." The women sneered, her eyes once more glowing red. " I am no longer inclined nor bound to that name. And neither am I your sister any more than a rabbit is to a tiger. " Carlson shook his head and heaved another sigh. He seemed worn out, as if the remaining of his energy was being sucked out of him. 


"Dumaya, please. You must forgive the sins of our father-" 


"Forgive him? Forgive him?! Ha! You speak of insanity, Eremiel." The women snorted, obviously mocking the man. However, Carlson stood his ground and bore a hard stare.


"There is still time for you to turn back, sister. To come back to us. Remember the teachings of Zuriel? 'One whom cannot see past his own faults is the true sinner.' " 


"Oh, silence that fool, will you? I've got quite the headache." The women scoffed, turning back to tending to her nails. Carlson narrowed his eyes, shook his head, and shrugged off the demon trying to drag him away. 


"I shall gladly go back on my own, thank you." Once Carlson was out of sight, the women called Rozul in. The creature scurried in, its pointed tail wagging joyfully.


"You called, mistress?" It spoke in a deep, hoarse voice, quite disturbing if you had not gotten used to it.


"You shall tear his wings limp from limp, do you hear me? Or should I say feather from feather." The demon looked delighted, and after bowing, scurried off. After examining her nails for a bit longer and listening to the blood curling cries of Carlson in delight, there was suddenly a knock at the palace door. 


"I will get that, mistress."  Rozul called from his usual spot in the corner, having finished with Carlson, and opened the giant silver doors. There stood a young boy, with a shock of raven hair and light green eyes. Determination glittered in his eyes as he walked in.


"Are you Lucifer?"  The women gave a wry grin, hands tucked under her chin in amusement. 


"Why yes, that I am."

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