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Ancestry of fire Chapter 6

Ancestry of fire Chapter 6

Posted December 29th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

"I cannot allow you to marry this-this common girl!" Father argued after the ceremony had ended and we were alone with James and the human. I supported my weight on my scythe as if it was a a cane, then narrowed my eyes slightly. 


"Father, I won't marry any other. I wish to marry her and only her." 


"Well then, let us see what beauty she has to offer that has enchanted you, shall we?" He reached for her red hood and pulled it off. And there we all stood, not daring to move a muscle. The silence was agonizing, and no one was daring enough to speak. The girl had curly raven hair which fell on her delicate shoulders, and red rosy lips with pink cheeks. Her eyes were the largest and most mesmerizing of all; light green and glittering in the moonlight. Her full eyelashes curled up and whenever she blinked, you would see the length of them on her cheek.


"Rosalyn? Oh no, it can't be..." Father was the first to speak, breathing heavily as he tried to take it all in. The girl looked confused, but then smiled the most beautiful of smiles. It made my heart flutter in my chest to just look at her. 


"Oh no, my name is Blossom. Nice to meet you, sir." She held out a hand, however father did not take it and just stared resentfully. I took her delicate and small hands in mine instead, and stared into her bright eyes as if I could not get enough of her. Blossom stared in wonder, pat my cheeks, and laughed. Oh, the sound, how enchanting it was!


"You shall NOT see each other any longer! I will not let you repeat the same mistake, whatever this girl is."  I looked at father, grabbed my scythe and without thinking, held it threateningly at his throat. Father, startled, stepped back. 


"Now now son..." He swallowed, and this was the first time I had seen him so frightened for his life. I liked the authority the scythe gave me, the power. But I could not let it bid me into true evil. I put down the scythe and glared at him instead, then took Blossom's hands in mine. 


"Goodbye, father." I turned around and began stepping towards the door. 


"William! If you step through those doors, you shall no longer be welcome here!" I hesitated for a second, but then pushed the doors open and rushed away from the castle. 


"Will! Wait for me!" James shouted from behind us, and I heaved a sigh. Even though he was quite odd and he was the one that had gotten us into this mess, i could not help but grin at the thought of his loyalty for our friendship.


"Hurry up, James, or we shall leave you behind." I shouted back. James, panting quite absurdly, chuckled as he caught up with us.


"Pardon me, it appears I am rusty. I do better in my animal form." 


"No matter. Now we have to find a way to get this human back to her realm."


"You mean...I'm in another world?" She questioned, and I turned to her coldly. Whatever beauty or resemblance she held to Rose, I could not get all friendly with a human. 


"In case you haven't noticed all the flying creatures and monsters roaming around here, yes, human. You are in the shadow realm." She didn't look at all very surprised, just worried and distressed. James pat her on the shoulder affectionately. 


"Ay, it'll be alright, we will get ya back." 


"James, we cannot get friendly with it. It is still a human. Who knows whatever dangers it can bring." 


"Ah, come now William. She is just a girl. She can't do any harm." I didn't bother to argue any further and scoffed at him. 


"Well, we should really get to Blackthorn and get all those supplies for the gateway back." James seemed to choke and started coughing violently. After he had regained his breath, he looked at me as if I was mad.


"Blackthorn?? We will get killed the moment we step upon those grounds!" 


"Then, how, exactly do you plan to get this human home?" 


"There is another way, but it is unsafe..." 


"Nothing can be more unsafe than bringing a human into this world, James," The girl, Blossom, had watched us argue for quite some time now, and then lay a hand on my shoulder. I shrugged her off and glared coldly. "What is it, girl?" She looked down, fidgeting with her fingers.


"Er, I'm thirsty." I massaged my temples, trying to ease my increasing headache. 


"James, get the human some water." James nodded, grabbed a giant nut shell and ventured into the black forest in his panther form. The forest had turned black from all the lava underneath, and the only water source was the small pond in the middle that only allowed certain high level creatures to take from it. Faeries could not, unless they were the king and queen, however they had no need for it. 


As we waited, Blossom had begun to fidget with the withered flowers on the dirt. And then when I turned to look away for a moment and looked back again, the flower had come alive into a purple Demon Moss. I narrowed my eyes slightly, staring at the girl in wonder. She stared back innocently, as if the flower was always there. I was about to question it when James came back with water in the shell. The girl drank to the last drop, and put it into a small purse she carried under her cloak. 


"So, about the gateway, William. The other one only allowed humans to travel to and fro, however this one allows creatures from this world to do the same as well. That is what makes it dangerous. If one of us gets sucked in accidentally, we might never find each other again."


"We have to get the human back, James. As soon as possible! It doesn't matter how dangerous it is!" James shook his head in what looked like pity, but picked up the Demon Moss and twirled it in his hand. 


"Alright, I will start right now. It will only take a few hours." 






3 hours had passed, and me and Blossom sat together as she bombarded me with her many questions about what I was and faeries. It had just began to drive me mad when James called us over. He had a fire going, and a small compressed stone in one hand. 


"Now, this will only last for a few minutes, so we need to hurry." And he threw it into the fire. It started to get bigger and bigger, making us step back. Then in the middle, something began to spark, and there we had something that looked somewhat like a window, and on the other side a bright light flooded in. Blossom's eyes lit up at the scene, and she gently embraced James.


"Thank you!" She embraced me as well, and I flinched. And then when she was about to step through, I heard voices from behind us. 


"NOW!" Before I could turn around to see what it was, I was falling through the gateway just as it was closing. 


"WILLIAM!!" I heard James shout. And then there was total darkness.

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Whoa. This is

Whoa. This is awesome



As you walk down the fairway of life, smell the roses. You only get to play one round. -Ben Hogan 

Posted by Ava on Sat, 12/29/2018 - 19:28
Thank you! I'm glad you

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Posted by Nina on Sat, 12/29/2018 - 20:44
I read the first few

I read the first few chapters, and this is a pretty intriguing story!

A bit of advice: sometimes, it's not very clear as to who is speaking during dialogue. If you follow character A's dialogue with an action from character B, it will mislead the reader to thinking that character B is the person who talked. I had to re-read a few paragraphs here and there to understand who was talking, so in future chapters or when you are editing, this may be something to look out for!

That's all I have, I hope you do more with this story!

Posted by echo (*Jill*) on Sun, 12/30/2018 - 00:05
Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the advice. I knew it wouldn't be very clear at first, but I let it be. I will make sure to let the readers know who is speaking later on. I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

Posted by Nina on Sun, 12/30/2018 - 00:10

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