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Ancestry of fire Chapter 9

Ancestry of fire Chapter 9

Posted January 29th, 2019 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

"yeah, thanks. I'll call later." The woman put down her phone and heaved a sigh, sipping hot coffee from her blue mug. An officer came over and handed her some papers, telling her that the prisoner wasn't registered anywhere for the past millennial. 


"Hmm, that's odd. Do you think he might have covered his tracks so he wouldn't be found?" The officer nodded, leaning over the desk, looking thoughtful. 


"It's possible, detective. I'll have the tech department run a face and fingerprint scan." After a few minutes, the officer rushed back, looking devastated. His brown hair stuck out in odd angles. 


"May god have mercy on us! He is a demon, a demon I tell you. Won't let me get a picture or a fingerprint. Keeps shouting "Filthy humans" each time we get near him." The woman stood up and grabbed the registration papers, putting down her mug. She looked fierce and cold like always, easily scaring away men whom crowded around her like flies. 


"I will handle this, officer. Cover for me with the lieutenant. "  




I huddled in the corner with Tarot, shaking with rage for the bloody humans. So many of them has come and tried to grab my hands and bind me with the metal clasps; but I hand not let them, the bloody runts. The cell door creaked open once more and I tensed, awaiting my fate. The same woman as before walked in, head held high with pride and coldness showing in her icy blue eyes. Our eyes met and I glared at her, my expression hardening. 


"Alright, William. It's okay. We just need a fingerprint and a face scan. She held out her hand, but I refused to take it and broke our gaze. She had begun to look impatient, and I held back a grin. 'good,' I thought, 'she will give up soon just like the others did.' However, she stood there for quite a long time, running her fingers through her golden hair.  I frowned. 'what a stubborn woman,' I thought irritably. 'worse than the whole lot of them.' Then a most brilliant idea struck me. 


"very well. I will do as you ask. But first, I must ask for a piece of paper and pen." The woman raised an eyebrow and gave me a hard, long stare. I could tell she was deciding to give it to me or not. Finally she gave in with a sigh, sneaking a last glance at me, and walked out. 





"What on earth could he want with paper?" The woman asked the officer , whom held it out to her. He shrugged and pulled out a pen to go along with the paper. 


"What's the harm? And we also have cameras all over so he wont be able to try anything funny" Once the paper and pen were delivered, the woman sat behind the brown desk belonging to the security guards. The cell William was in had only one camera, angled so one could see his face and torso. His hand moved furiously over the paper, writing out something in neat handwriting. He then folded it, wrote what was probably a name of address, and then put it on the palm of his hand. A flicker of such quick movement that the detective almost didn't see, and the piece of paper was gone. 


"Officer Josh! Officer Josh, come take a look at this!" Ushering him over, the woman rewinded the video and played it for him. The same look of shock appeared on his face. 


"B-but how??" The detective was already on her feet, rushing towards the cells. 


"I don't know, but it must still be in there somewhere. Whatever is on that paper, he doesn't want it found." She threw the cell doors open and looked inside. The silence was agonizing. 


"He's gone." She breathed.




"We must find a way back, Tarot. Or the humans will destroy us." The flying faerie beside me offered a malicious grin. 


"Surely not. With your death scythe in your possession, you could take lives in the blink of an eye," I glanced down at the cold blade, heaving  a deep sigh. Tarot frowned and grabbed my hair, pulling on it as hard as it could muster. 


"OW! TAROT, LET GO AT ONCE!" The faerie obeyed, baring its teeth threateningly. It looked vicious, even more so than it usually was. 


"Look, I will not become like him! Father can go to hell!" 


"How can you still dwell on the past, you insolent fool?! What's done is done and it's all in the past." 'oh, I doubt that very much, Tarot.' I thought. 'Some things just can't be forgotten.' I gripped the scythe tightly, my knuckles turning white. The agonizing memories threatened to rush back, and a sickening feeling arose within me. The blade glittered and the red rubies embedded into the handle glowed their crimson glare. A faint but familiar voice echoed in my head:



"William! William, come on!" Laughter and cries, and suddenly it was all happening before me, playing out once more but faint, as if old and worn. The palace doors were their usual silver, the rose crest gleaming casually on them. The giant chandeliers and candlelit hallways seemed to stretch long. 


"William~" She sang, her rosy cheeks aflame with life and beauty. Her long crimson dress trailed on the marble floors as she tugged me along by the hand. I reached out to stroke her raven hair, which curled down to her waist, and she smiled so bright that it seemed to light up even the darkest of corners. 


And as sudden as the beauty had come, it perished. She lay on the floor, lifeless and unmoving, her cheeks and lips bloodless. Crimson liquid surrounded her delicate body, and the raking sobs which i realized were my own seemed to go on forever, the pain clawing and eating away at my shattered heart. 



"William! Oh for-" I came to with an audible gasp, staring into the bloody eyes of Tarot. It rolled it's eyes in pity and something I could not identify, and then pinched my arm with it's long nails. 


"Get moving, now." The surprise must have been utterly clear on my face, for Tarot gave me a bitter expression and began flying again. The faerie had spoken in the gentlest way possible, and that frightened me more than anything ever could.

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