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On and Off (My first post ever!)

On and Off (My first post ever!)

Posted January 10th, 2012 by MandM

by Mina-not-the-Mongoose
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Okay, so this is my very first post I've ever made. I welcome CC and comments! BTW, I don't own any of the characters, just the order in which the words on this page are put. Thanks so much, KP, for being so supportive in the past! I look forward to making more posts soon! And here begins my Transformers Animated fanfiction, On and Off...


Prologue: Elita One


                The first thing I saw when I woke up from my sleep was two blue dots. They were just these beautiful bright blue things floating above me. Then I saw a face. A blurred face above me, or something blue and grey, but something was smiling like a miracle had happened. As my vision began to clear, I saw the blue things were the optic units of the face. I smiled and jumped up. Or, rather, I tried to move, but a shock froze me in place and my body fell useless back to where I laid; oh yeah, I was too weak. Ugh. So, I tried to speak. I had to know what was going on.

Chapter One: Elita One- I awake and laugh and fight and laugh again.


                “Whe-heh-urrgri-ha-raha reeee…” my voice creaked. Spark’s sake, I thought, I can’t even talk right!

                “Calm down and don’t try to speak,” ordered another face, staring down on me. He sounded grumpy, but grinned slightly; his face was red outlining white with bright, blue optic units and gray lines across the roughed-up chin.

                “If she’s gonna get any better, you’d better make sure she doesn’t escape again,” growled the red-and-white-face to the blue-and-grey-and-red face. A big green-and-grey face, also with blue optics, peered over to see me. Another pair of blue followed, but I had to lean forward to see the rest of the face, which was a beaming yellow-and-gray. This face’s optic units were bigger than they should be, it seemed.

                “She’s up!” cried the yellow-and-gray face, smiling big and jumping high. The green-and-grey face raised a servo and high-fived the yellow-and-gray face’s servo. They smiled at me and I smiled back.

                “She’s online?” asked another voice, “Already?”

I heard steady, soft thumps on the ground as a head leaned over the yellow-and-gray face. There’s a head, I thought. Oh, yeah, and bodies; how could I forget bodies existed? I’m such a proto-form. Feet made those thumping sounds!

                “Amazing how she recovered so quickly,” remarked the newcomer, with a face of black and gray and gold. He was calmer than the others and I could feel the serenity emanating from him.

                “The sooner the better,” mumbled Red-and-White-Face. Yellow-and-Gray-Face laughed, but Black-and-Gold-Face shot him a look.

                “Ah-eee de-fi-i-i-i yu-u-u-u,” I tried to say; my broken speech processor wouldn’t allow a single word to escape my mouth. “Ah-eeee wul-l-l-l speee-ee, speeeee-

                “Stop that, no more talking!” grumbled Red-and-White-Face. My optic units blinked. I’m not following your orders, I thought.  So Sentinel went offline and put you in charge? Wait…Sentinel…

                “Her memory’s been wiped, right?” asked Blue-and-Grey-Face, turning to Red-and-White-Face.

                “Yes, but she’s not completely fixed,” he answered, “and she has yet to reach optimum memory capacity.”

                Optimum capacity…optimum- Optimus! I thought. Blue-and-Grey-Face still looked down on me. Optimus! I tried to call to him,Optimus Prime! He only smiled.

                “So I suppose she won’t recognize me,” he said.

                I wanted to shout.Of course I recognize you! My optic units aren’t lying! Optimus!

                “What’s her name again?” asked Yellow-and-Gray-Face.

                “Sentinel and I always called her Elita,” he said, “She was Elita One.”

                Sentinel…Sentinel Prime? I’ve got so many questions now! By the Spark, if I could only speak!

                A sudden zap hit my left servo, scaring half the Spark out of me. Just as sudden, I felt renewed energy flow through my circuits. Red-and-White-Face stepped back and grinned. Maybe I could speak now!

                “Sentinel…” I said, testing my voice. It worked! “Optimus!”

                “She remembers you, alright!” said Green-and-Grey-Face. I turned my head to see him shocked.

                “But…her memory was erased!” he yelled. Wasn’t he happy to see me? I thought, hadn’t he rescued me when…

                “By the Spark!” cried Optimus. “But you said-”

                “She must have overloaded the commands with some type of security system,” Red-and-White-Face said, switching his servo hand into a tiny, sharp-looking tool. He gently probed through my arm again, reattaching wires and adjusting circuits.

                “Is that better?” he asked, looking at me. I gasped as it lifted my servo, waving it up and down. I smiled.

                “Great job, Doc Bot!” commented Yellow-and-Gray-Face, mockingly, “Coulda used the key, though.”

                “Leave him alone, Bumblebee,” Optimus said. “Ratchet knows what he’s doing; right?”

                Ratchet nodded as Bumblebee shrugged and crossed his arms. I laughed. Oh! I suddenly remembered what I was going to say.

                “Optimus,” I said; then I paused. I liked to say his name.

                “Optimus Prime,” I began again, “what happened? Is Sentinel here? Where is here? How did we get to this place? All I remember is an explosion behind us, but we were at Cybertro-”

                “Chatty, isn’t she,” remarked Ratchet, cutting me off.

                “Blac- I mean, Elita,” Optimus said, “this is Earth, an organic planet; Sentinel’s headed to Cybertron and he’s not, exactly, here. But you’re here now, with my crew.” He gestured to the bots next to him, Green-Face, Gold-Face, and Bumblebee. Ratchet stood to this left, tinkering with something. For me, maybe?

                “Who are they?” I asked. All I could infer from them was that fact that they were Autobots, due to the symbol they each bore.

                “This is Bumblebee,” shouted Bumblebee, pointing to himself. “Don’t forget that!” I took a closer look at him. The small, yellow bot had a black stripe down his chest and sharp, blue optic units. Tiny but fierce, I guessed. He grinned with a smile too big for him.

                “I’m Bulkhead,” said Green-Face. His deep voice was almost scary…almost. He was a massive bot colored army-green and steel-grey. Twinkling blue optics made him look like a gentle giant.

                “And this is Prowl,” said Optimus, as Gold-Face nodded to me. Sleek and sharp, Prowl, I guessed, was a ninjabot. He stood still and quiet, but I believed he was analyzing me. I suppose he liked what he saw, since he smiled.

                “So you’re Prime’s friend Elita One,” he said, gently. My audio receptors noticed the slightest hint of pity in his voice. I nodded.

                “You’re quite delicate,” he added. I frowned and shook my head, then attempted to jump up again. This time, I expertly flew into the air above the five bots and dropped silently on my feet. I stood and turned to face them.

                “What?!” muttered Ratchet, dropping the metal he was tinkering, “She’s fully recovered already!”      

                “Elita!” exclaimed Optimus, reaching for my servo. I beamed as he turned to face me and held my hands in his. Why I remembered this one bot and not the others, I had no idea. I felt new and exasperated, but empty.

                “O.P.,” called another bot from behind us. In walked a shiny new Autobot I recognized as-

                “Jazz,” said Optimus, “Elita’s recovered!”

                “Groovin’ how she knew to wake up right this second,” Jazz answered, grinning. “Sentinel just told me he’s headed back this way to see you!”

                “Sentinel?” I said. But I thought we’d been at…

                “He was supposed to be at Cybertron by now!” Optimus exclaimed.

                “Why’s he going to Cybertron, anyway?” I asked, “We were just there!”

                “Her memory must be stuck in the past or somethin’,” Bumblebee murmured to Bulkhead, snickering, “Her processor’s flipped!”

                “Like Arcee?” said Bulkhead. Bumblebee’s optics flashed and grew wide as he suppressed a laugh.

                “I can hear you!” I said, turning to them. Bee shrugged sheepishly.

                “What do you mean?” asked Prowl.

                “We were just at Cybertron,” I repeated, “And we’d almost finished a battle with StarScream!”

                “Is her processor working right?” Jazz whispered to Ratchet.

                “I’m fine!” I yelled, “There was an explosion and then I woke up here, then-”

                The Autobots didn’t understand at all! But why? Optimus should know; he was just there! Why did no one remember?!

                “Maybe someone put a different processor in her,” suggested Bumblebee. I shot him a look; I’d had enough of his antics.

                Ratchet looked thoughtful, for a second, “The kid might be onto-”

                “NO!” I screamed, “I am Elita!”

                Even Optimus looked doubtful. I got an idea.

                “Optimus, remember the time we visited that organic planet? With the spiders? And Sentinel?” I said. There was no way he could forget that incident! I smiled, knowing this would prove myself. I waited a moment, my hope disappearing. He didn’t answer.

                “Elita?” he finally said, blinking. What’s the matter with him now? I thought.

                “Yes?” I replied.

                “You’re not…” he faltered, then tried again, “You… you’re not angry about that?”

                “Why would I be?” I laughed, “You saved my life! Remember?” My laughs subsided as I noticed… he was serious.

                “Don’t you remember?” I asked. He stared blankly, obviously confused.

                “Boss Bot?” asked Bumblebee, prodding him on the arm.

                “That makes no sense,” he said, snapping out of it, “You were Blackarachnia after you fell!”

                “What?” I cried; he made even less sense!

                “Why do you think I’d be angry at the bot that saved my sorry spark?” I said, trying to smile. He frowned and put a hand to his head, sorting out the thoughts.

                He suddenly straightened, then looked at me sharply.

                “Who are you, and what have you done?!” he demanded.

                “Optimus, it’s me!” I replied, confused, “Me, Elita!”

                “No!” he shouted, “You’re an imposter! What have you done to Elita?!” He took a menacing step towards me.

                “Optimus Prime!” I yelled at him, upset, “What has gotten into you?!” He clenched his fists.

                “Some elite guard,” I muttered.

                “Now she’s just making fun of him,” Bee commented to Bulkhead. I swung around, furious, and clamped my servo onto his arm. Bumblebee shrieked as I used my power; I could copy and use any upgrade from any robot if I touched them. I copied Bee’s energy stingers in no time. I turned back to see Optimus drawing out his axe.

                “Hey!” Bee shouted as I dropped him to the ground.

                Leaping at me, swinging the axe, Optimus charged; I easily jumped to the side and ducked for the swing he’d take over my head.

                “I know all your moves,” I said, “We both trained with the Elites, you know!” I shot a stinger at him, but he deflected it with his axe.

                “Or do you not remember?” I mocked, “Seeing as one of our processor’s flipped!” Bumblebee covered his mouth as I gave him a look.

                I growled as the Prime took another swing and I shot a stinger right between his arms, hitting him smack in the eye. Optimus gasped, clutching his optic unit, and fell to his knees.

                “Oh spark, I’m so sorry!” I cried, dashing down to help him, “Here, lemme see it, Optimus.”

                I gently pried his servo from his eye and lightly touched the spot I’d hit him; the glass was broken and a blue glowed pulsed from the cracks. I felt around for the place he’d been hit. When I found it, he flinched, but he became calm as I softly stroked the wound.

                “I’m so sorry!” I said.

                “I’m fine, fine,” he gasped as Ratchet trudged over.

                “I’ll take over this one,” grumbled Ratchet, muttering as he knelt down to tend to Optimus.

                “Spark’s sake, I’m so sorry!” I whispered, standing up. I walked around the two Autobots as the rest of the crew came over, all of us vying to get a better look at what was happening.

                “Is he okay?” asked Bulkhead. Ratchet was repairing something with his servo tools, making blue sparks fly.

                “He’s fine,” Ratchet declared as he and Optimus stood. Optimus, still feeling around his broken optic, took a step to the side and almost fell.

                “Spark’s sake,” he muttered. I stepped toward him and lifted his arm over my shoulder. He let go of his eye and blinked; no cracks appeared in front of the bright blue glow as he blinked again.

                “Thanks Ratchet,” Optimus said. I almost laughed. He saw me and smiled…slightly. I laughed so hard, I fell and practically cried. He joined me on the floor and we began laughing out circuits out. I sat there, giggling and cackling, like the crazy girl I was; the Crew watched, merely staring. I giggled one last time as Optimus cleared his throat and stood back up. I giggled one last time as I reached for him to pull me up.

                “Her circuits are scrambled,” remarked Bumblebee. I rolled my optics and held onto Optimus’ arm. I noticed a window to my right; moonlight strode right through, making itself at home in the old warehouse I stood inside of.

                Where am I? I wondered. Why am I here? Doesn’t anyone remember?

Chapter Two: Blackarachnia- I wake up and I don’t like it. At all.


                I looked up to see the last thing I’d ever want to wake up to; a high, white ceiling with light blue streaks uniformly spread across the gleaming, shining surface. A straight, ominous chandelier gave a soft, pulsing light.

                “Sparks alive,” I muttered, “Autobots’ ship ain’t it…” My voice trailed off as I gazed around the room. Everything was pristine and clean; shining and bright, it was easy to see where I was being held. I leaned up, sitting to face a doorway with double doors, one of them left open by some inconsiderate bot. I bolted upright and leapt to the ceiling, above the chandelier, clinging tight with my claws stuck with spider webbing so I could walk around the interior with ease.

                I smiled as an Autobot strolled in. It was Blurr of the Elite Guard, with his sleek, ice-colored paint job and sharp upgrades built for speed. I smirked as he walked over to the place where I’d been laying.

                “She’s gone!” he cried. I stifled a laugh. Creeping closer to the center of the ceiling, I began to make my way to the open doors. Blurr must have heard me, slinking along like the spider I was, because the next thing I knew, I was smacking the wall head-on from the ramming force of Blurr’s speed kicks.

                I fell just outside the door as Blurr charged me; I shot a web across the doorway, entangling him. Then he spun his servos, slowly trying to cut through the mess. Shooting another web, I smiled and stood, calmly striding over to the doors’ control panel.

Raising a spider-leg servo, one of four sharp arms I used for downloading, and struck the panel. I struck it again and unstable energy coursed through my circuits, but only for a second. Feeling revived after the shock, I grinned maliciously as I drew the spider-leg back out and turned away to Blurr, who still struggled in the web. I advanced with my feminine charms in hand, ready to download some of that incredible speed.

                Later, I sauntered down the hallway. With no other bots in sight, I was free to roam and careful not to be seen. I could hear my own footsteps as they echoed in the white, pristine hall.

“Awfully noiseless, huh,” I said, trying to break the silence. The hallway ended and turned left to another hall. I shrugged and continued.

                This hall was longer and higher than the first; tall, arching doorways, opened, stretched before me. Long, glass chandeliers hung from huge, solid steel chains. I gasped in awe as I drank in the magnificence of the intricately-carved designs in the walls. I walked slower, trying to get as much detail out of it as I could.

                Each rectangular frame of wall between arches depicted an Elite Guard in battle; I recognized a few, with the first one I saw being Autobot Jazz. I gazed at the picture that showed him and Decepticon Lug-nut in a striking scene; I could almost see Jazz’s nun-chucks swinging around as Lug-nut threw laser blasts that seemed to glow like real lasers.

                I was eager to get to the next picture, so I sped up to meet the next carving. I stopped as soon as I saw it, though. I wasn’t sure whether or not I should leave it or look closer, for it depicted an old “acquaintance” of mine; Sentinel Prime. I was about to bolt to the next scene when I noticed how the laser-saber Sentinel’s likeness bore looked so sharp and life-like that it had to be impossible. I gave in and took another look. StarScream was flying over him as Sentinel struck the wing bearing the emblem of a Decepticon. Shards of steel really seemed to fly off the wing.

The third wall I passed by was another someone I’d known. Optimus Prime was battling huge spiders, just like that time when… I clenched my fists. That scene was the time I’d fallen to those beasts and become the miserable thing I was now. I scowled, but the carving was so real. I remembered it well but the picture compelled my curiosity more than my will for revenge.

Again, I gave into my interests and took a step closer. A striking spider dashed the cavern’s wall behind Optimus as he shot his grappler to the ceiling and swung his axe to a spider on the other side. The fangs gleamed as the spider raised hairy legs to attack. I moved in, closer by another step, seeing something I now wish I’d never noticed. Standing in the back of the cavern, hiding in the shadows and looking ever-so-frightened, was Autobot Elita One.

I was furious; not only had I never cowered like that, but I’d also never been rescued from those stupid spiders. That day had been the worst in my life; I recalled the dark and shrieking calls of the beasts when I’d fallen and landed in their midst after the explosion caused by unstable energon. I remembered the sharp, jolting energy that shot through my circuits when I’d tried to download their power as my last hope of escape. I even remembered digging my way back out of the cavern, only to find a Decepticon ship whose members took me in... Hideous, miserable spiders, I thought to myself.

In an angry stance, I grimaced as I transformed into a spider, looking not unlike the ones in the carving before me. I was about to scream with fury. Shooting a web to the wall above, I pulled myself to the ceiling and crawled away over the arches. Little did I know that I had crawled past a gleaming carving of Elita One.

I was still furious when I reached a control room, supervised by none other than Sentinel Prime. I grinned maliciously as I watched him, directing a few others who manned some controls and screens of the hallways. Luckily, I hadn’t been anywhere near those monitored halls, but I reminded myself to be more selective about where I traveled. Good thing I climbed ceilings so well.

I was crawling closer for a better look at the monitors when ice-blue Blurr zipped into the control room. He was frantic, as usual, and I watched as he exclaimed and gestured something, probably about me, to Sentinel. I transformed into robot mode, but still clung to the ceiling, and drew back a spider leg, poised to strike, in case they saw me.

Blurr was still exaggeratingly waving his servos and saying, loudly, something I couldn’t make out. He had a bad habit of speaking at a rate faster than he ran. And, trust me, that’s faster than should be allowed. I looked down to try and catch a few phrases when I finally noticed I was missing something.

Just below my chin, on my neck, I normally bore the Decepticons’ emblem. It looked like somebody had slipped the Autobots’ symbol over it. I seethed with rage and jumped down to the floor. The bots in the control room spun around to face me as I stood, fuming with fury, in the doorway. I raised a spider-servo to strike. 

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Okay, so, like, this is my

Okay, so, like, this is my Transformers Animated fanfic, first two chappies and the prolouge. Also my first post ever, so comments and CC and encourgaement is welcome! :D


Posted by MandM on Thu, 01/12/2012 - 22:54
O.O This was your first

O.O This was your first post??? EVER?????????

THIS IS AMAZING!!!!Now i must watch all the Transformer movies!!!!

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OMPJ, Thanks so much Joe and

OMPJ, Thanks so much Joe and Katniss for commenting! :D *girlish squeal* Those are my first comments, Thank So Much!! :D


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Amazing first

Amazing first post!!!!!!!!

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Thanks! :D ~Mina

Thanks! :D


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