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Angels and Demons: Prologue

Angels and Demons: Prologue

Posted January 8th, 2017 by rchallman

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by TARDISBlogger
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World War III

    Lightning flashed through the sky and seconds rolled by until thunder boomed through the empty halls, the marble pillars shaking and cracking more. The groaning growing louder with each strike across the gray, tumultuous sky that was covered in pregnant gray clouds. The smell of rain and damp earth filled the air. The sound of war could be heard far below. The cries of men, fighting for their lives, their beliefs, for both sides thought that their purpose was the right one. The horror of the scene below cut across the earth like a jagged scar and it was being clawed open by some beast.

   The empty marbled hall echoed and the light from the torches that lined the hall, flickered and danced, casting eerie reflections on the marble floor. At the end of the hall, against the back wall, stood two chairs, or better called thrones. They both stood the same height and were placed side by side. But neither sat someone. Only one person stood in the hall at the hour of the night. All the way on the other side. Standing next to one tall marble pillar that was carved with intricate carvings of angels and scenes from stories. A toned arm rested on the cold, smooth stone and two, burning green eyes looked intently to below him. Blonde hair rustled against chiseled jawline and it grew taut as teeth grinded against each other in anger. He brought down his fist hard on the pillar and cracks spread in creeping jagged lines up to the top and he felt it shudder, as if someone had taken a deep breath, underneath his fingers. He let out a shaky breath, the anger rippling through his skin. His white tunic fluttered as the storm’s rage increased.

      “Michael,” a voice echoed through the empty hall behind him.

      Michael turned around and saw his brother standing on the other side. Dressed in a white tunic that left him shirtless, and his chest rubbed over with oil. A maid appeared, walking quickly behind him with a clay jar, and she timidly went behind the man and began to rub more oil on him. The man waved the girl off and she bowed humbly and scurried off, disappearing into the shadows.

     “Gabriel, how can you be attending to your human desires at this time? War is ensuing among the humans below and you attending to a maid?” Michael’s disgust showed clearly in his words that he spoke.

       Gabriel grinned, resembling much of a wolf that was looking at its next meal it had been stalking. “Brother, there is nothing that can be done for the humans. They are hopeless. A lost cause. We will just start over once they have killed off each other.”

       Michael’s chest stirred with frustration. Gabriel turned around and stepped up the steps to the throne on the right and spun around and alighted gently onto the stone. The oil reflecting in the torchlight. Michael took a step forward, his sandaled feet coming out from under his cloak and the cold hair, sending chills up his spine. “You know that something can be done. And we have to do it.”

      Gabriel made eye contact with Michael, seeming to challenge him for a second. Then his chest heaved and a deep, exaggerated sigh escaped his lips. “If you think that it is necessary.”

      Michael’s back straightened. “Then rally the warriors. We are going to down to Earth.”

      Gabriel hesitated a moment, and Michael wondered if he would defy him but then Gabriel stood up and walked out of the hall. Michael glanced back out towards the open end of the hall that gave a view of the turbulent sky outside that was covered with storm clouds and the cries of war pierced his ears. He closed his eyes and turned his head to the side as distant echoes of the past came creeping forward. The one closest to you. Fear will be your enemies strength. His mother’s face flashed into his memory, flaming red hair and burning green eyes that matched his. And her scream. The blood. His eyes flashed open and he felt a bead of sweat slide down from his temple. He let in a deep breath and steadied his heartbeat before following his brother’s path out of the hall and down a torchlit corridor.

    Lines of angels stood in a large auditorium. Shadows danced around their faces from the torches that lined the walls. Their large, differently colored feathered wings, were spread out behind each of their backs. There were hundreds of them. And they all stood below a balcony, waiting to hear from Michael and his brother. The tension rose in the air. Michael stepped towards the edge of the balcony and pressed his palms on the red brick railing. The room was dark except for the warm glow from the flickering flames. Michael felt the presence of his brother come up behind him, and Gabriel placed a firm hand on his shoulder. Michael glanced back and saw Gabriel give him a nod of encouragement, his eyes shining with pride for his older brother. Gabriel’s wings were outstretched behind him.

     Michael turned back to face the soldiers and unfurled his wings. A cry rang throughout the auditorium and staffs held by some of the lead angels, pounded on the stone floor, making sharp ringing echo throughout the room. He could feel his wings moving slightly up and down on his back. He tilted his head slightly to just glance at his wings. White, and curved at the top, with large feathers that rippled slightly, He looked back at the angels. Some of them held spears, some swords, with golden hilts and shining silver blades.          

   “Brothers,” Michael boomed throughout the auditorium. “We know that the world below is in turmoil but,”

    Gabriel’s hand grasped Michael’s shoulder and cut into his speech. “But together, we can fix the world below and rule it through peace!” He cried out thrusting a fist into the air.

    Roars erupted. Michael looked down, not feeling the excitement or the rush of what the angels below him felt. He glanced at his brother who was thrusting his fist in the air along with the chanting. Gabriel looked at Michael and smiled at his brother. He slapped him on the back.

    “Come on, brother, we can win this and take over below. Create a better world. They are all ready. You just need to give the word.” Gabriel’s eyes gleamed at the thought of power and Michael was disappointed at his brother’s lust for it but he couldn’t stop what had been festering inside for years. But he also knew that his brother was right. The war below was becoming too violent, globally. It had to be stopped.

    “Join me in the fight, brothers!” Michael pumped his fist in the air and shouted to his fellow angels.

     Michael’s wings flapped and he rose from the ground and he unsheathed the sword hung at his waist. His brother rose to join him and they were soon followed by hundreds of angels.

     Michael thrust his sword forward in a striking motion. “To war!”


    The war was fought bravely by many. Humans lay in bloodied heaps. Horses bodies were collapsed beside their masters. War tanks were smashed in the sides of buildings. Across the globe, devastation was occurring. Bombs were being exploded in houses and killing innocent families. Angels were divided globally into groups and were sent to stop the destruction. Every time one of his soldiers died, Michael could feel it. Like a stab to his own heart. His chest was sprayed with blood and his sword stained. He was supposed to protect. His brother had gone somewhere else, trying to usher in peace. The people were confused when they first saw the angels arrive. They didn’t know how to register it. Some bent down on hands and knees and begged for mercy while others became angered by their presence. It took a month for Michael and his soldiers to stop the war. '

    All weapons were taken. It was hard trying to rule the entire world so he sent Gabriel to Europe to rule there and that part of the world. Michael focused on calming the worried people. They were panicked and it was spread across countries. He was able to bring out peace with the help of his fellow angels. But the world was still in ruins but together they were going to rebuild. They would grow and flourish as one united people and angels alongside.

    Michael sent out his angels to walk among the streets of the people, in disguise, not wanting them to show the people their angel forms, lest, panic ensue. It worked. For almost fifty years there was a sort of peace and the world began to rebuild, painfully slow. But the work was getting done. But then, something struck the world. A darkness began to creep the hearts of the people everywhere and his angels were being killed off, worldwide. Michael knew whose work this was but he didn’t want to believe it. Not until his own brother, fell under the darkness. Gabriel was lost. And Michael, to save the people of the world, went into hiding, but on doing so, made the people think that they had been abandoned by those they had just begun to trust with their lives and for their safety.


* Comments would be appreciated :) Hope you all enjoyed this prologue to my new story I am working on. The title might be changing, I am not completely settled on one quite yet. 

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This is a nice prologue!

This is a nice prologue! (btw the name is fine with me but it's your decision)

Posted by Jimmydude on Sun, 01/15/2017 - 13:54
Thank you! :D that means a

Thank you! :D that means a lot to me. I have just put up the new and improved prologue and I changed the book title to "A World in Ruins"

"I'll do my best to stop being so interesting." Syl-"The Way of Kings

Posted by TARDISBlogger on Fri, 05/05/2017 - 12:19

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