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Arin is a Slave Chapter 4: Lost Track of Time

Arin is a Slave Chapter 4: Lost Track of Time

Posted August 20th, 2011 by Pinkypinkgirl

by Ali
in New Jersey

Arin sat on the bed, frowning. Sarah's mother frowned as well. She pushed Sarah out of the room and closed the door. Arin heard voices behind the door.

"Sarah, why are you being so mean to her?? I thought you told me she said no." Sarah's mother said.

"She did, but heres the contract. I thought dad showed you!!" Sarah said.

"A CONTRACT?!!? YOU MADE YHER SIGN A CONTRACT?!!?" Mrs. Bennington yelled.

Arin went under her covers while listening to Sarah and her mom fight. She got out a DVD and put it into the TV and watched it until she fell asleep.

2 in the morning and Arin's door opened. Sarah's mom walked in and put a present on her desk. She put a glass of water on her nightstand and turned the TV down. She walked out and shut the door quietly. 6 in the morning, 4 hours later, Sarah slammed the door open and yelled in Arin's ear.

"ARIN WAKE UP!!" Sarah yelled. Arin jumpped up and yawned.

"You will have to wake up at 5:30 am every morning to get my breakfast ready. I will want eggs and bacon every morning with orange juice and some strawberries. I want the newspaper by my plate of toasted bagels with butter cooked for 2 minutes time and let the butter melt." Sarah explained. Arin just stared, listening, but stared.

Sarah walked out. Arin got back into bed and replayed her movie. Sarah's mother came up with 2 toasted bagels with cream cheese, some cereal, and a glass of milk. Arin smiled and said, "Thanks. Thanks a lot!" Arin started eating her breakfast while watching TV. Arin saw the glass of water. She drank it until there wasnt even a drop left. Than she spotted the present. She walked over and opened it up. Inside were two 'Survivor Island' dolls and 2 game disks. Survivor Island is Arin's favorite stratagy game. Where a group of people were stranded on an island and your character came with a boat load of everyday stores and all that. Arin smiled and put one of the disks into her computer. The disks were both new. Arin didn't have them yet. There are literally 100s of disks for expanstion and stuff for the islanders. The disk Arin put in was the "Here Comes The Pet Store" expantion/stuff. Arin played until noon. She put in the other disk, which was the "Summer and Spring" expantion/stuff. Arin played the entire day with her new games.

"Arin, its 9:00, its bedtime!" Sarah's mother told Arin. Arin nodded and kept playing.

"5 more minutes, please!!" Arin begged.

"Alright. 5 ore minutes, than I will check on you in 10." Sarah's mother said, shutting the door, silently. Arin played for that 10 minutes. She closed her laptop and got into bed and turned out the light. Mrs. Bennington checked up on her. She smiled and went off to bed. Arin got back up, opened her laptop and turned the volume down. She played until 11:00pm. She was tired. So she saved her game and went to bed and fell fast asleep.

Arin's alarm clock woke her up at 5:30am. Arin remembered that Sarah wanted her breakfast. She ran downstairs and toasted the bagels, got the orange juice out, got a bowl out and some strawberries. She went outside and grabbed the newspaper. She made eggs and bacon. She spread butter on the toasted bagels. Spoonfuls. Arin rushed through the entire thing. Sarah walked out the stairs. She saw orange juice all over her eggs and the butter wasnt even close to melted and the bagels were over cooked. The bacon desintigrated when touched. the cup was full of strawberries and the newspaper was in the bowl. Sarah's mouth dropped to the floor.

"What is this?" Sarah said, frustrated.

"Look, Sarah. Its my first day, I am too tired and I didnt get much sleep last night. Give me a dang break ok?" Arin yelled.

Sarah frowned. She hopped off her chair and sat on the couch.

"Very well. Now I want to watch my favorite TV show. Monday is the only day I get to watch "Sammy Slug" alright?" Sarah said, calmly. Arin turned the TV on and turned 'Kindergarten' on. After that, "Sammy Slug" comes on. Once the show came on, Sarah ate her strawberries that were in the cup.

Arin sat down and read the newspaper.

"You done with the food ads? Thats my favorite part of the whole paper!!" Sarah asked. Arin gave Sarah all the food ads.

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