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Arytha Firestar Ch. 6

Arytha Firestar Ch. 6

Posted February 29th, 2012 by RayneWolf

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by M.H. Rayne
in Sherlock's flat, blogging about his brilliancy for the millionth time . . . .

Callie's scream had shattered Sage's dream, which was unfortuantly a very good one.  He was shocked by to reality and rushed to her side.  He stared at her.  He had never seen her awake.  Her eyes stared intensly at him, and her red lips parted in a groan.  Sage lifed his hand to touch her forehead and Callie jerked away.  "Who are you?"  Sage realized that her voice sounded like a warm breeze on a summer day. 

"I . . . I'm . . . ."  He had seriously forgotten his name.  Just from staring at her his mind had became a blank sheet of paper. 

He didn't get a chance to say his name because at that moment, Mary flung open the door and swun her arms around Callie in an embrace.  "Oh, Callie!"  Se whispered.  "You finally woke up!"  Her eyes sparkled with her usually spirit and her smile gleamed like the sun.

"Ouch!  Good to see you too.  Ouch!  My arm."  Callie groaned and looked at it.  A new bandage was wrapped around where the bullet had penetrated her skin and the events of the last few days came running back to her.  "I . . . I was out . . . Wasn't I?"  Mary nodded.  Callie's eyes shone with the previous events.  "Wow.  And that stupid British dude?  Where is he 'cause I want to kill him."

Mary laughed.  "Oh!  You mean Charlie."  Her eyes lost their laughter.  "I'm happy to say that he got in a bunch of trouble about shooting you.  He was supposed to Taser you, at the least, and instead he gave you that."  She notioned at Callie's arm.  "Ms. Sharp yelled at him for at least an hour.  It was pretty funny to hear her getting mad at someone else -"

"Wait.  Ms. Sharp is here?"

"Yeah.  I guess she is like the big boss around here or something.  Right Sage?"

Sage nodded sheepishly.  "She has been the main supervisor since I was brought here a few years ago."  He leaned in closer.  Callie could notice small freckles upon his nose.  "As long as you don't get on her bad side, she's all right."

"More like a big merk,"  Mary whispered.  Sage didnt seem to hear her.

"Where am I?"  Callie said.  Mary and Sage paused.  They looked at each other nervously.  "Uh . . ."  Mary began, but right then a lady in gray sweatpants and a blue shirt that said, "Number 1" walked in.  Her hair was in a messy ponytail and her tennis shoes looked worn out.  It took Callie a few minutes to register who it was. 

"Hello, Callie.  It is my pleasure to see you awake.  Have you had a nice nap?"  Ms. Sharp said, smiling.

A hatred rose up in Callie like a fire.  "You,"  she said menacingly and tried to stand up.  She gasped and slumped back in  her bed after a peircing pain shot up through her.

"Yes me.  But please don't call me that.  My real name is Luna Dalony.  Ms. Sharp is just my common name."  Luna smiled pleasantly.  She looked much younger without her terrible makeup and ugly mini skirts.  She noticed that she had a slight British accent as well, barley noticable.  Callie still couldn't believe that this smiling and polite Luna was the same dull teacher who had threatened her a few days before.

After a few tantalizing moments,  Callie regained her voice.  "Where am I?" She repeated.

Luna shot a glance at Sage and Mary who lowered their eyes at once.  "You didn't tell her?"

Sage shook his head.


This time Mary shook her head.  "We thought you would do a better job then us."  Mary replyed in a tiny voice.

Luna closed her eyes and rested her head in her palm.  "Very well, I shall tell her."  Luna turned to Callie.  "Have you ever heard of super powers?"

A shocked look passed through Callie.  She nodded vigirously.

"Well, super powers, or special abilities, as we call them here, are real.  You, my dear, have them as well.  You may have expected recently, that you have been experiancing some strange accidents.  That is why you are here.  You, Callidrea, have powers."

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