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Aviens~~~Chapter 1

Aviens~~~Chapter 1

Posted June 8th, 2018 by SarahJ

by Sarah J
in Ohio

        Running. My legs burned as my boots punded against the cobblestone, sending adreneline coursing through my veins. I ran as swiftly as a fox, with the excitement of a child playing tag. That actually made sense, considering my two pursuers were practically biting at my heels. It was impossible to hold back a laugh, for I knew that they couldn't catch up to me even if they sprouted wings. Anyways, I was going easy on 'em. My arrogant grin was interupted when I felt a hand snatch at the back of my linen shirt for the strap of my satchel. I have to admit, a bit of panic stung my chest as I ignited into full speed. I had picked up some valuable stuff today, and it for sure get me some good money. I was not going to let those filthy rich merchants get their hands on my treasure. I looked behind me, and grinned again when I saw my chasers hunched over their knees, gasping for breath a few yards away. I let out an antagonizing cheer as I sped away, their curses fading into the distance. I turned left into a narrow alleyway and slowed to a walk. Man, that was risky. I usually don't steal in the daytime for obvious reasons, but today I had to. Tonight was the Armistice Festival, a celebration to celebrate the truce between Aviens and Humans many years ago. Even though the Aviens died out after the war due to disease, at least they could die in peace, and not in the midst of battle. Its not like I cared about the festival anyway, it was just an obstacle because there would be guards out for the safety of the people and the nobles traveling through to the Emperess's palace. I grimaced. Those damn rich people are always getting in the way.

       I made my way from the main market to the more sketchy part of town, where the buildings were older and covered in moss. Weeds sprouted from the cracks in the stones beneath my feet as I walked, greeting me as they brushed against my ankles. I had to admit, it was the perfect day for a festival. The sky was blue with only a few puffs of clouds, and far away clusters of stars sent their breeze down to caress my skin. The mountains of the Southern Highland created a beautiful horizon, their jagged peaks and snowy tops giving their territory an unknown and dangerous feeling. The hills behind the worn down houses were a home for ruby-rusted and cream-colored cows that grazed in the picturesque shamrock grass. I took a deep breath. Would it really hurt for me to take a peek at the festival grounds tonight? No. I'm usually a risk taker, but that would be a death wish. I was sure there was more than one WANTED sign with my face on it. Stupid guards, can't they at least get my face right?

     Finally, after walking through the outskirts of town, I got to my home, The Copper Lily. Well, not my home exactly, It was more of a tavern, but I stayed there at the inn. I looked up at the dangling sign with a picture of a shimmering bronze lily, with it's title around the sides. I opened the rickety door and stepped inside.

     "Hey, Dmitri! You haven't paid your rent for weeks! Pay up or else I'm kickin' you out!"

     "Shut up, Mirhtbane. You know as well as I that I haven't paid for three months, and you still let me stick around," I replied calmly. "Anyway, you get plenty of coins from that old bozo who comes and buys five gallons of booze every night." I rubbed my sore shoulders and leaned against the staircase at the back of the dimly-lit bar.

     "It's Mr. Mirthbane to you, greedy-hands," The tavern master said as he wiped a glass clean with a white cloth. He sighed. "Ever since I found you on that darn doorstep, you were always getting into trouble, even if you were just a small child." I stopped in my tracks as I made my way up the stairs. It was unusual for Mirthbane to talk about finding me as a kid on the front steps of the tavern. He had explained once, a few years ago. If I remember correctly, it was on the same day as the Armistice Festival. It sparked an anger in me that I couldn't quite explain. Mirhtbane cleared his throat. "Make sure you don't go out to the festival tonight, okay? The guards will definitely catch you. Don't think I don't know where you go all day and night, thief! Quit that stealin' too. It will only bring you trouble." And with that, the conversation was over.

     I sat on my straw bed for a while, chewing on my thoughts. Why had Mirthbane brought up my past, and why on the same day as he did last? And why did he say that stealing would bring me trouble? Well, I knew the obvious reasons, but it felt like fear was layered behind his voice. I looked out the wooden window frame. The sky was the color of peach and mangoes, with contrasting clouds of white that made the lanscape look like a dreamy, hazy painting. The peaks of the Southern Highland poked out from the clouds, touching the top of the sky that was fading to a dark, ocean blue, swirling like the storm in my brain. I couldn't just sit there and wait for answers, believing that a dark undertone was behind my past. I made a strange decision that night, but it was a decision that would change my life forever. I decided to go to the festival.


     Here is the first chapter of Aviens! I've decided not to worry about it being perfect, because I am writing this for the sole purpose of fun and enjoyment. I will also benefit from writing a full story as well, even if it doesn't seem like it at first. I hope you enjoyed this chapter!




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