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Aviens Prologue

Aviens Prologue

Posted June 7th, 2018 by SarahJ

by Sarah J
in Ohio

Fire rained from the sky in a raging storm, the blazing tendrils creating a red inferno. Enormous metal machines crowded the sky, their man made wings blowing smoke and ash into my eyes. Death is surrounding us, I thought as the bodies of my own kind fell around me, wings distorted and burning. It was all too much. My breath was too fast, lungs filling with toxic air. My eyes watered from the poisonous breeze.

“Mummy! Papa!” My head was spinning and panic overwhelmed me as I screamed and ran, without knowing where I was going. I was so alone, so alone. Tears streamed down my blackened face, smearing the ash to reveal patches of ashen skin. My world was being destroyed, and my young eyes watched helplessly as blood stained the streets and people fought even though they were truly dying.

Mummy. She was in the sky, falling like an angel from heaven. Her beautiful white wings were coated in ash, flames licking the tips of her feathers.

Papa. He was diving from a cloud of smoke, reaching out for Mummy’s hand. I saw his Ring glow a faint light, as if he was trying to use magic. His face was distorted into a furious roar, but I could hear his voice crack with despair. He was screaming, no, Angelica, no. Papa could not reach Mummy, for she was not stretching her hand out to meet him. They fell to the ground. My heart seemed to stop.

An explosion was the last sound that I heard before I was engulfed into complete darkness.


Ripples of light in my mind.

Blinding, beautiful, they opened my eyes to a dreamy place.

Walking on black water below a black sky, the ripples were the only light I could see.

Then a voice spoke.


A time will come when a leader will fall.

A prince, a thief, and a magician must come to call.

If they fail and their hearts loose hope,

Evil and destruction will be the one to rule them all.


You, Dmitri Firecrest, must wear your crown of flames and be the one to set fire to the revolution.


This is just an idea for the beginning of the story I want to write called Aviens. This will probably not be the official start, but at least its an idea! Please tell me if you like this so far and you would like to hear more. Thank you for reading! (Also, I wrote this really quickly and it was mostly for fun, so rough draft alert!)

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This is great so far! I love

This is great so far! I love it, and it's really well-written! I'll definitely read more when I get a chance :)

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Posted by Nunya B. on Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:31

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