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The Awakening of Magic, Chapter 12 (Please, please post some CC!)

The Awakening of Magic, Chapter 12 (Please, please post some CC!)

Posted May 10th, 2023 by BohemianRhapsod...

by Melted Connor
in Utah

Joey started walking to his old house, figuring that that was the best place to go. When he knocked on the door, no one answered. That made sense. It was still pretty early. He just opened the door, much too easily to feel safe in the house. 

No one was there. 

He walked outside, wondering why no one was there, but he heard muttering. Muttering about how he doesn't know about the funeral. He served in the war. There was a funeral for the McPhersons, and Joey was one of the presumed dead. But he wasn't. He was walking down the street, shivers going down his spine. Is this what had happened? Were both his parents dead, already? They were both old, but not that old! he thought. He decided to look inside the purse he had found. It was purple, and richly embroidered with greens, reds, blues, and all of the colors you could imagine. And it had infinite space. Joey didn't tell anyone that, so he went into his old house to look inside. 

Joey turned up his nose. This house smells terrible, he thought. I never realized it did until now... I was always so used to the smell that it may as well have never been there. 

Still, there was no denying the truth. His house smelled moldy and terrible, no one having taken care of it for multiple months. But where was he supposed to live now? 

"Eh, if there's any good money in here, I can just buy a house."

There was a bit of money. He pulled it out, and then more, and more, and more, and more until he realized that he was a millionaire now. He walked out of his old house, past his old neighbors, and wondered, How do I get a new house? I buy it, but who do I ask?

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