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BACK IN TIME Chapter 5.

BACK IN TIME Chapter 5.

Posted June 22nd, 2021 by Maggs101

by Angie
in The world of gaming

I Finally made it down the hall, towards the frantic screams.

I was completely out of breath from running, or maybe, beacuse I was so darn scared. 

So Many questions, were zipping through my mind, right that second, Is Zane dangerous? And What was he doing at my school? What if his name, is not even Zane? 

I looked into the class rooms, seeing petrified kids, hiding under their desks, or huddled together. 

I grimaced, I didn't think Zane, was that dangerous. To be honest, I didn't think he was dangerous at all. 

Principle Winston's Voice, fillied the halls, "Everyone, Remain calm!"

Not trying to be rude, or anything, but to me, it didn't sound like his "comforts" were working. If anything, it seemed to make the kids more frantic. 

I rushed over to principle Winston, and tapped him on the shoulder. 

He turned around, and raised his eyebrow, in a questioning way. 

I cleared my throat and managed to muster out, "Principle Winston, I really don't think....I Really don't think this emergency lock down is necessary." 

Principle Winston's, face turned beet red. Yikes, wrong choice of words.

"You think, I don't know how to run my own school!?" He said in a uncivil voice. 

I cringed, that was defiantly not what I meant. 

"N-No sir..." I stammered. 

"Well, then, let me do my job, and protect my school!" he snarled. 

I winced, This guy, should really go to Anger management classes. Just saying. 

I looked over my shoulder, for just a second, but long enough to see Aaron, and his friends pointing at me and laughing. Ugh, So childish.

I wish I could give him a piece of my mind, but we had bigger problems. So, that will have to wait. 

I bite my lip, then walk over to Principle Winston, again. 

"Um..Principle winston?" I say practically shaking. 

He turns around, with his eyes shooting daggers. 

"I think we should check the security cameras." I say quietly. 

He seems to get really angry hearing this, but his eyes soften, and he lets out a defeated sigh. 

"Ok, Claudia" He says not meeting my eyes. 

I smile weakly.

Thank God. I thought. 

He walks back down the hall, towards his office. 

I follow. 

When we make it to his office, he grabs his computer, and once again types rapidly. 

After awhile, he finally looks up at me and says, "Where did you see him?"

"The cafeteria."

He nods knowingly. 

Then, he typing something, then almost instantly, the security camers pop up. 

"Sit" He damands.

I Pull up a chair, and plop myself down next to him.

He clicks the the cafeteria camera, and types more stuff. 

"When did you see him?" He asks.

"Um... 9:00..?" I reply trying my hardest to remember. 

He clicks the mouse, and pushes a rewinding button to 9:00. 

The cameras start off fuzzy, but eventually clear up. 

"Yes! There i am!" I squeal. 

Principle Winston, seems to jump a little, then he shoots me an annoyed look. 

I shrink, down in my seat. 

"sorry" I mumble. 

I Look back at the camera, and see Aaron and I yelling, then something seemed to startle us, and were now looking in another direction. 

Then I see, Aaron's lips moving, indicating that he was talking to someone, but no was there. Wait, No one was there? 

"Oh my Gosh." I breathe out.

"Yeah, I know, You must have got the time wrong, beacuse I don't see anyone wearing black." he replies clearly vexed. 

"No, I got the time right." I respond. 

The principle's eyebrows knot together. I guess, that was his confused look, but it was pretty repulsive. 

I abruptly stand up, and pick up my backpack, leaving him in his office, alone, with unanswered questions. 

I run down the hall, but then I slow to a walk. feeling queasy all of a sudden.

I feel light headed, and a sensation that the room is spinning round and round. 

Then I Wobble a little, before collapsing, to the ground. 

But Before I collapsed, there was only one thing feeling my mind, That Zane was invisible.














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Ok unexpected direction but

Ok unexpected direction but I like it!

Who, and what, is Zane??


Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


Posted by Tía Snow on Mon, 06/28/2021 - 13:07

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