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Backstage Chapter 9 (I'm BACKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Backstage Chapter 9 (I'm BACKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Posted March 12th, 2012 by gafreeman

by Ms.Ebony
in the observable universe

Yes, I’m continuing my story that was cut short




GO LLAMAS!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter Nine

I slowly went back to my knees as the blood began to flow.

When I fell my nose had hit the floor in the worst way possible, and I was pretty sure it was broken. My lip was red and swollen and a let out a faint whimper as Mrs.Gern slowly led me to the clinic as Kate whispered behind me.

"Why did she even try?"

Why did I even try, all those eyes staring into my not so perfect soul, it made me want to barf right there and then on Mrs.Gern's lap.

 Now everyone thought I was a blubbering idiot, I could never show my face in public again.

What was wrong with me? If I couldn't say a word in front of people who already know how lame I am, how could I do it in front of complete strangers?

I was forced to go home right away, which I didn't understand because I wasn't contagious or anything, I was just dripping blood all over the school.

I went home and my mom said nothing, embarrassed by my lack of backbone. Apparently someone had taped the whole thing and put it online, and I believe their initials are K-A-T-E.

I sat on the couch eating ice cream, weeping my guts out, and watching some teenage drama. I felt like a pile of dirty diapers, all because I was scared to speak.

After two hours of "Life among the Teens" (stupid teenage drama) the doorbell quietly rang

I slumped up to the door only to find Ally standing there with her backpack. I opened the door and let her in.

"I was thinking" Ally said, "maybe we shouldn't do the part together."


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