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The Bank (Chapter 10, Normal...)

The Bank (Chapter 10, Normal...)

Posted May 4th, 2007 by AlecO

by Alec
in Michigan

The sun cascaded in through the small window, illuminating the previously dark room. I yawned, stretched and rolled reluctantly from the mass of blankets upon my bed. It had been a week since the attack, but I was still on edge. Although, the police had listened on this occasion. Now, a squad car cruised by every hour on the dot. Thing had gotten back to normal again.

The following Friday, I arrived home to find a message on my answering machine. It was from Mr. Zeman, and he sounded frantic.
"Mark! It's Mr. Zeman, you need to come back to the office. It's very incredibly important!" And the phone went dead....

I arrived at the office around six o'clock, and found Mr. Zeman pacing the lobby eagerly. He threw his hands up with relief as I pushed my body through the double doors.
"Oh thank gosh. You're here. Come to my office, quick." He said, motioning towards the elevator.
I nodded and jogged through the bronze doors of the elevator.

Mr. Zeman and I were silent on the ride to the sixth floor. He only spoke when we had settled into his office, him behind his large mahogany desk, me sitting directly across from him.
"Well, great news. That article you wrote, well lets just say we had the best sales in a loooong time." Mr. Zeman said, whistling in emphasis.
A jovial grin grew across my features, and the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up.
"Yes, yes, this is defenitly something to smile about. So, I've decided to promote you to full time writer, it pays $22 an hour, with benefits, and bonuses. What'd ya' gotta say about that?"
"I--I'm speechless, t-t-this is just amazing, wonderful! Thank you so much." I said jubialantly, pumping Mr. Zeman's hand vigorously.
"You earned it. Okay then, I'll see you on Monday." He said with a small wave.
I walked out the door.
And into destiny.

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"i walked out the door and

"i walked out the door and into destiny". Every chappie you make it as if ppl will want to read it again. Woah, sorrie mixed that sentence up in my excitimnet ,, sorri wait '' i wanna read chappie 11!!! (P.S> Mr. Zeman is a COOL name!)

Posted by Susmi on Wed, 05/23/2007 - 06:54

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