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The Bank (Chapter 4, Dusk)

The Bank (Chapter 4, Dusk)

Posted April 16th, 2007 by AlecO

by Alec
in Michigan

It was about six o'clock, and I was just closing down for the day, shutting off my laptop, clicking off my desk lamp, suddenly, Mr.Zeman came rushing out of the elevator, wheezing tiredly. I was shocked to see him like this.
"Mr.Zeman, are you o-" He cut me off before I could finish.
"Mark! I've got a story for ya'! It's breaking news, hot off the presses you could say." David spouted frantically.
"What is it Mr.Zeman?" I asked, trotting over to his side.
"Well, I don't suppose you heard any sirens today,"
I stayed quiet.
"In fact, a high speed Police chase came right past this very office! Unbelievable, huh?"
I nodded.
"The best thing is, the cops didn't catch the guy! I can see the headline now, BANK ROBBED: CROOK STILL ATLARGE!" Mr.Zeman said, his eyes wide.
"So you want me, a lowly freelancer, to do a front page article?" I questioned, not fully believing what I was hearing.
"Yesiree, I happened to stumble upon your file today, and looked at a few of your stories. Your writing is pure genius. The deadline is next Friday, for our Sunday issue."
"Thank you Mr.Zeman, I'll be honored." I said, a toothy grin across my features.
"Good kid, now go home." He said with a dismissive wave of his hand.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. On one hand, I was excited for finally being a front page reporter, but at the same time, I was horrified at the coincedence. I shrugged, letting the happiness overtake the horror. I walked out of the office that day a front page reporter, but in the back of my mind, I was hoping I wouldn't come back as part of the Witness protection program, having witnessed a bank robbery or even...
A murder.

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is this story gonna end at

is this story gonna end at "Supper?". That'd be really sad---- it's really good~

Posted by Susmi on Wed, 04/18/2007 - 09:14
this is very well written!

this is very well written!

Posted by Ellen on Sat, 04/21/2007 - 09:50
I like how u wrote, "a

I like how u wrote, "a witness to a robery...or a murder." Very cliff-hangerish. But, if it ends anytime soon, let me tell u, it can't be all happy and perfect. That would ruin the story.

Posted by Tasha on Sun, 04/22/2007 - 12:59

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