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The Battle of Lorenz: Chapter 1

The Battle of Lorenz: Chapter 1

Posted May 21st, 2011 by MaggieMay

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by megan (maggiemay)
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This book is not really new, I have a lot more chapters than this. I will post them one by one as I get more comments.


Part 1: Lorenz




Chapter 1: The Morning of Quillan Gord

My eyes open to the sound of my little sister, Ree, screaming. She runs in to the room that we share. Our house is like a little log cabin with a moss green Yucca plant sewn roof. Our beds are wooden with moss-stuffed mattresses and pillows.

“Quillan, Quillan!” she screams and jumps on me. I sit up immediately and she hangs her arms around my neck. Her light, chin-length blonde hair is in a mess and her pale, freckly skin on her face scrunches up in a grin. In comparison, we look nothing alike with my chin length, smooth chocolaty brown hair and slightly tanned skin.

“Ree, calm down. I’m getting up here now,” I say and pick her up as I stand and stretch. She looks at me anxiously, those shiny blue eyes of her I always envy. Mine are just plain grey.

“Can I go to the lake with you today?” she asks. The lake is a glimmering body of water where I go to bathe due to our lack of a bathtub. She asks me every morning but I usually say no because we’re the only ones who know about it because if anyone found out that we were going past the woods in to a place hidden by my family for years, we might get hung and little kids tend to have blabbermouths.

I wave to my mother, Lilac Gord, as I go in to the kitchen, Ree following close behind me. I had allowed her to go today for some odd reason. Her little, bare feet tittered along gracefully. She was dressed in a flimsy, pink sundress, and I was still dressed in my plain grey pajamas.

“Ree, why don’t you go put on some shoes and I’ll go get dressed?” I said. She nodded and her little feet tittered away. I opened our door and stepped out in to the cool, misty air of our town. Our island, Lorenz. I always loved the wetness of it, the rainforest quality that it held. The way that when I went outside barefoot, the grass squished between my toes. But Lorenz is unknown to the rest of the world. And we like it that way.

Anyway, I stepped on to the damp, cobblestone path that weaved around our particular town in the middle of Lorenz. The clothesline in the grass was where I was going, hopefully to find some clothes. I grabbed some pocket covered tan shorts and a military green tank top, topping it all off with some camouflage rain boots. I didn’t really care about fashion the way some other girls did. I stepped back inside to get some more things; 2 water bottles, some bread and some jerky that we had dried out the night before. I also got a couple of moss towels and packed them all in a green backpack, much like my shirt.

“I’m ready, Quillan!” I heard Ree shout as she ran up to me with some pink rain boots on her feet. I flung the backpack over my shoulders and took her hand. We stepped back outside on to the cobblestone path and started walking. Dawn had just broke and everyone else was sleeping- my family went to bed early and got up early. I liked it outside at this time- it was serene. Some bugs flitted around and even some lightning bugs were still out. The mist felt soothing to our skin and a bigger lake that our town circled around had lily pads with some pink lilies sprouting. The long grass had dew beaded along the separate strands and even some spider webs were glistening with the stuff. Even though I saw all this every morning, I just had to think again Lorenz is such a beautiful place.

Finally we reached the place that we had to turn off on to get to the lake. We stepped in to the dew filled grass and pushed our way past the leaves of the forest. This was the hard part. We had to keep pushing leaves aside until we got to the lake. Finally I burst out and so did Ree. The lake topped off the beauty of Lorenz. It was fresh, drinkable water, and the way the light hit it made it look like a rainbow. A small waterfall gushed with the water that I bathed in.

Ree had already taken off her dress ready to bathe. I smiled at her and then stripped off my clothes. I dipped my toe in the warm, soothing water and soon it had engulfed me up to my shoulders. I did a couple of backstrokes and then saw Ree, quivering by the edge of the water. I breast stroked over to where Ree stood. She had never actually gotten in the water before, she just splashed it all over herself.

“Ree, do you want to learn how to swim today?” I asked hopefully. She sat down and put her feet in.

“Can I ride on your back?” she asked me. I turned around so that my shoulders were in her reach. I felt one hand touch my left shoulder and then another one on my right. I braced my shoulders for some more weight so I wouldn’t sink under. And then she was on my shoulders, legs hugged tightly around my waist. I half walked half swam slowly around the lake and to the other edge where there was the soap providing yucca plant. I made a little bit of soap using the water with Ree on my shoulders still.

“Now you need to dunk your head under for a second so I can soap you up,” I said. She looked at me, eyes pleading. “Be sure to hold your breath and you’ll be fine. I’ll even go under with you,” I said. I counted to 3 and we both went under. My head emerged above the water but not Ree’s. I heard splashing underneath and knew that she had breathed in some water. I picked her up out of the water and set her on the edge.

“I am never going under again,” she said as I soaped up her skin and hair. I smiled.

“It happens at least once to everybody,” I say. I cup my hands and fill them up with water and spill it over Ree’s head to rinse off the water. I then do the same to myself and we get out of the lake to get dried off.

“Now don’t tell any of your friends at Daddy’s school,” I tell her. My father teaches the kids in our town from age 5 up to age 12, ages 5-6 on Monday, 7-8 on Tuesday, 9-10 on Wednesday, and 11-12 on Thursday. When they aren’t at school, they are working on the homework Dad gives them for the rest of the week to go over on their day. Ree is 6 so she’s on Tuesdays. I, on the other hand, am taught by Ms. Abernacle on Tuesdays because she teaches ages 13-18, 13-14 on Monday, 15-16 on Tuesday, and 17-18 on Wednesday. I am 15 going on 16. And you may think that once a week is not that often, but trust me, we are given lots of work to do.

Today was Sunday morning which meant there was no school. I got back in to my outfit and helped Ree dress also. I gripped her hand and we pushed our way past the dark green leaves again, finally reaching the cobblestone path. We walked a couple of steps and were stopped.

“Quillan!” I heard the voice shout out my name and feet patter. “Quillan, over here!” My hand went to my backpack, feeling around for my spear. “Quillan turn around this-” she was cut off short. Frozen solid, my spear was millimeters from her nose. Veah’s head was bent back in utter shock. A fly crawled up her shoulder length caramel hair but she stayed still.

Veah was my friend, I guess. I didn’t really mind her most of the time, it was just she could get on your nerves really easily. Our mothers were friends and I had enjoyed her company when we were little. At home, I like to hang out with my grandmother and my brother mostly. Veah was actually getting a little bit better, though, as she aged.

Anyway, I slowly brought the sharpened mossy stick down from her nose which was gleaming with sweat right now. “Sorry,” I squeaked. I had thought she had saw us emerging from the bushes.

“Ah, it’s ok. Anyway, ‘sup?” she said. I was still shaking like a leaf from our near-death experience.

“Nothing. You?” I say calm and casual. Ree starts tugging at my hand anxiously.

“Nothing. Well, looks like this little one is anxious to go,” she says, ruffling Ree’s hair. Ree indignantly smoothed out her hair with her hand, eyes on Veah the whole time. Veah just giggled and put her arm around me quickly and let go. She then ran off swiftly.

“I’m getting a little hungry. Do you want to set up breakfast right here?” I ask. Ree gives an extremely bright face and I get out the 2 moss towels that I packed for placemats. I make some jerky sandwiches for us and we settle down to eat.

“Why is Veah your friend?” Ree asks. She takes a big chunk out of her sandwich. I also take a huge bite out of mine-they were really good.

“Well, sometimes in a person there are qualities that you don’t like and qualities that you do. In Veah, there are enough good qualities that I can be her friend,” I lied with a full mouth. In Veah, there were 1 or 2 good qualities and the rest were not so good. I just kept her under my wing to help protect her from the teasing of the other kids. “Ree, I am going to drop you off at home and go visit Grandma Berry. Ok?” I changed the subject

“But I wanted to see her too,” whined Ree.

“Maybe later Mom will let you go see them with her,” I said. She reluctantly grabbed my hand again and I took her home.

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*grins like crazy* OMPJ,

*grins like crazy*

OMPJ, this is amazing, spot on perfect! Great description, flow, pace, characters--oh, I just LOVE little girls!!!--and just everything! Veah is awesomeness, Ree is so adorable, and Quillan is the perfect main character--perfect meaning she has flaws and I can relate to her! :D

This is...is...


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Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Posted by Megan on Sat, 05/21/2011 - 14:51

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