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Becoming a Transformer | Starscream X Elizabeth

Becoming a Transformer | Starscream X Elizabeth

Posted August 11th, 2022 by Starsong

by Sophia
in Florida


“They say that cave over there…is haunted,” One of the teenage boys said, I and my sisters watched the humans, both were on a ‘camping trip’. “Why are we watching them again?” Skylight asked, she had a dark and light blue paint job. “Because we must make sure humankind doesn’t find the relic, you know that its effects can be reversed, and humankind will be dangerous if they get the relic,” Warsong explained, she had a black and blood red paint job. “Some say there are giants that live inside of the cave,” He continued his story. “Yeah, right, such idiots,” Skylight said. “Shh, I want to hear how the story ends,” Warsong said. “Some say they guard something, ancient, something special, something powerful,” He said. “One was brave enough to enter the cave, and…” He trailed off, the other one looked worried. “What happened to him, Sam?” The other one asked, the first one named ‘Sam’ stayed silent, finally after a few more moments of silence. “He went into the cave…but was never heard or seen again…” Sam said turning off the flashlight. “AH!” The other one and Warsong gasped. “Haha, got you,” Sam said as he turned back on the flashlight. “That wasn’t funny…” The other one said getting over his fear. “No wonder they call you, Screamer, and come on Starscream that was funny,” Sam said, all of us froze. “You don’t think?” Skylight asked, there was no way he was even online. “No, it can’t be…he’s offline, right Crystal?” Warsong asked. “He’s offline, that human just has the same name as him,” I said looking at the other human named Starscream closely. “Didn’t he have a child?” Skylight asked. “I’m going to get closer,” Warsong said as she moved towards camp. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” I asked. Both ignored me as Skylight followed Warsong. “Come on, they won’t see us, besides better safe than sorry,” Warsong said. “Yeah, what if Screamer’s online, if he is, we can offline him again,” Skylight said. “I don’t like this…” I said as I followed them.


(This is a rewrite of ‘I’m in love with you’ hopefully this one will be better)

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