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Belonging to the abyss (secrets, and more secrets)

Belonging to the abyss (secrets, and more secrets)

Posted August 29th, 2019 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

For the entirety of the walk, Zen stayed silent. His head hung down, and his expression was conflicted with strange emotions. Like he was about to drown but also cry at the same time. I showed him the town as promised; there really wasn't much to show other than the small statue in the middle of the fountain at the town square and the small bridge that connected a mountain with another.


He seemed mildly interested in the scenery and what I had to say from time to time, but soon returned to that dead expression. Just as I was finishing the last street of our small town, pointing out the sweet shop and the bakery, he decided to speak. 


"I'm coming with you." I froze in my tracks, turning to face his golden eyes that seemed to burn right through my soul. For once, his expression scared me. His glare was so intense, and the same darkness that I had found in Chris and kat's eyes was glowing in his golden ones. They had visibly turned darker, and his whole body was tensed. But he wasn't looking at me. He wasn't glaring at me. I traced his gaze to the towering trees behind me, swaying as always like infinite dancers. 


I began to back away slowly, and that was when that intense gaze turned to me directly. I could swear I almost jumped out of my skin when those dark irises eyed me up and down. He grit his teeth and growled. Really growled. Like a wild animal ready to spring at its prey. I got ready to run, my legs stiff and bent; but as soon as it had come, it was gone. His lively golden eyes were strangely bitter when he began to walk ahead of me. I dumbfoundedly followed him with my gaze until he called out for me to hurry up. 


"But I'm not going anywhere-" I protested, but he cut me off. 


"Oh please," He scoffed, rolling his beautiful irises. Up close, I could see the poreless, flawless skin and the soft red lips. It was picture perfect. I wonder what sort of skin product he used. "I know you're going to find your brother. That's why I'm coming with you. Let's just say, I have some unfinished business." He said the last sentence with such menace that it completely and utterly wiped my mind clean of the question I had been about to ask. How did he know it had been my brother?


I was more wary around him after the small accident. I was careful not to get too close or get on his nerves. Whoever this guy was, he was h- dangerous. Extremely dangerous. He was almost too perfect. Could a human being be that perfect? Flawless, smooth skin, soft red lips, lengthy auburn hair, and those eyes, those golden eyes that got you caught in them until you lost yourself... I realized I had been staring at his eyes for a bit too long and averted my gaze, feeling heat creep up to my face. He was the only person that had been able to do this to me.


I bumped into him as he suddenly stopped, and a rush of electricity buzzed through my body. My chest tightened and my breath came out in ragged gasps. The shock was so great that I swayed on my feet dangerously, my vision blurring. I noticed that he seemed to be in great discomfort as well. Sweat trickled down his forehead and cheeks, from an effort to keep himself on his feet no doubt.


He was quivering, his whole body tense. His golden eyes were wide and glassy as the wind ran through his auburn hair, roughening it up.  I didn't think he was taking it that well. Just as I finished that thought, I fell unto my knees, unable to support my body.


Spots danced in my vision, and I struggled to keep awake. My eyelids were suddenly so heavy, I could barely keep aware as it was. After a minute or so, our small episode was over. Zen straightened his back and cleared his throat shakily, gripping a tree trunk a bit too tightly. I followed in suit, stumbling to my feet, because I knew he wouldn't help me up. Now I knew why he had shied away from my touch in the office. He knew. He knew this would happen. But how? It seemed he was hiding more than a few secrets. 


This explained a lot. But why it happened? There was no scientific explanation that I could come up with to explain this strange phenomena. As we eyed each other, me with bewilderment, and him with much resentment and bitterness, we continued on our path deep into the forest. So, no touching. Got it. 

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